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MuseStockholm Syndrome (Reading Festival 2011) 3 timmar sedan
MuseStockholm Syndrome (Edit) 3 timmar sedan
MuseMap of the Problematique 4 timmar sedan
MuseStockholm Syndrome (Edit) 4 timmar sedan
MuseKnights of Cydonia 4 timmar sedan
The DonnasStrutter 6 jul 18:48
Alice CooperPoison 3 jul 21:58
MuseResistance 4 timmar sedan
MusePanic Station 4 timmar sedan
MuseUprising 4 timmar sedan
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    I can't check it, already long that I have not facebook anymore. But thanks anyway for the sharing. :)

    13 maj 17:25 Svara

    Thanks for the info. :) It's the Torry effect. lol All that is not very musical and encouraging though. -_-

    12 maj 06:38 Svara

    Yeah I understand you. :) Just hear that they're back working together on a single would be already awesome. btw Do you know if Allison is currently active artistically? Impossible to find anything about it. :(

    12 maj 06:04 Svara

    I want to keep hope for something a bit sooner. If this continues like that I'm gonna hate the Stripminers. :p

    12 maj 05:38 Svara

    Hey :) Yeah it's cool. And there are some other people to whom I still have to ask. So I think that the group can reach the 30 members soon. :) But no more, as long as the activity of the band band will be nonexistent. It's so sad that nothing new happens, not even the smallest encouraging info to reassure fans for the future. :/

    12 maj 05:23 Svara

    Great. :) I'm glad you like it. :D I think I'll add a few nice pictures more to make it even better. Also, I'm gonna start two first lines of discussions in the forum, and tell to my two friends who were in the group about the changing. :) So I'll also start to try finding some big listeners of The Donnas to join us in the group. :) Thanks once again for everything. :)

    24 mar 07:16 Svara

    Oops I forgot to give you the link. :D http://www.last.fm/group/.The+Donnas

    24 mar 06:33 Svara

    follow of below ----> I'll delete everything just after, cuz you cannot delete a group, you can just delete all the people and forbid anyone to join and last fm will delete the group after 3 months. :)

    24 mar 06:32 Svara

    Hi :) It's almost completely finished, I just have to do the last period to conclude, and a little introduction/presentation of the group. But there is not much things to say, so it won't be long. By cons, I've thought about an important aesthetic detail in the group name. This dash at the end of the group name looks highly awful. And I think, some people could not to join the group because having an ugly group name in their list of groups would be annoying. So I just change it, I've put a point and it looks much better. I had try to put this point at the end instead of the beginning, but when you click on the link, the point is not taken in consideration, and you arrive on the page of the old group. Let me know what you think, and if you think it's better, delete yourself from the group with this ugly dash and join the new one. :)

    24 mar 06:31 Svara

    Hi :) Yeah thanks it will be with great pleasure of course. :)) I've taken some late because I used my free time for Female Fronted Band, that I created much more recently (this month). I was somewhat forced to do that because from the first day I created this group, and while I had not linked the group to any band, there were already some visits. But now that Female Fronted Bands is ok, I'll be able to finish The Donnas_. This one has a special importance for me. So I'm gonna complete it as it need, and I won't hesitate to ask what you think of it. :) So thanks to accept to give me your opinion of great big huge massive fan. :D There will surely have to add up some little things over the time, but the important is that overall it looks complete when people visit the group page. I get back to you very soon then. Have a good day! :) Or night I should say. :p

    21 mar 06:10 Svara

    Yeah I think like you, it would be surprising that nobody be interested from the moment I do the "job" correctly in proposing to the people who listen to them a lot, or who have them in their top artists to join. I wanted to make another group entirely clean before to restart and finish the page for the Donnas group. Now it's done so I'm gonna end it before the weekend. I'll put the creation of forums in the group, totally open for everyone, and it will be the same for the journals. If you accept to give me your opinion, I'll let you know when I'll have finished to complete the main page. If you think that some things are missing, or whatever you think which perhaps should be modified. :) See ya ! :)

    10 mar 06:54 Svara

    Totally no problem, you reply when you want. :) That's great to count you in the group, and to see that you don't have been afraid by the fact there is nobody for now. :) I wait to finish completing what I begun to do before to propose and to ask people to join us in the group. Thanks and honored to count such a great fan of The Donnas in the group. :D

    6 mar 08:27 Svara

    Hi :) It was just cuz I wanted to tell you that I won't be offended at all if you are not interested of course. :) So just take my shout from yesterday as an info, nothing more. :)

    5 mar 08:33 Svara

    The same for me, it's sad, but at least we know that things are not ended, fortunately. :D I can't wait for their return with new songs. btw Recently I made group about the Donnas, it is still under contruction, cuz I want to do something for and worthy of a true fan, so I'll complete this one in the coming times. Perhaps you might be interested? For now, I don't have asked to any people to join, cuz I wanted to make it completely nice, so we're only two for now (me and a big Donnas fan of my friends list). Have a look if you want. :) I forgot , I had decided to make this group because, the old one is totally abandoned, and looks so dull now. -_- They deserve to have something better. :) http://www.last.fm/group/The+Donnas_

    4 mar 06:14 Svara

    Haha yes that's what I saw. Just amazing, I've never seen someone having a number of plays that approaches yours for the Donnas. Also, thanks your music taste is absolutely great too. =) Pleased to join your friends list. :)

    20 feb 18:07 Svara

    Hi there. :) My god you're such a very violent terrorist listener of The Donnas. :D Over 16000 plays, wow, just total respect, I bow :)

    20 feb 09:36 Svara
  • thepoulsons

    Really cool stuff!

    11 jan 15:24 Svara
  • debnovais

    Obrigada por aceitar! Muito bom gosto musical! :)

    1 okt 2012 Svara
  • fuckthesurface

    Thank you for accept my request! (: You have a great taste in music!!

    22 aug 2012 Svara
  • subatomicdreams

    Hi. This is a friendly invitation to listen to my EP “elements”.

    20 aug 2012 Svara
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