• 001

    29 nov 2008, 14:07

    To be honest, I haven't really used this journal since I started using since the Audioscrobbler days.

    No real need. But I guess, I might as well write something.

    I've recently bought an iPod Classic 120GB, mostly for the storage capacity. I've filled around 10-15% of it so far with just music, but the knowledge that there's lots more room for more amazing tunes is satisfying.

    I've recently discovered Bright Eyes, and all I can say is that they are pretty amazing. Death Cab for Cutie has also been in my recent rotation of artists, and, well, Ben Gibbard is quite the genius. Alongside this, The American Analog Set have been getting heavy play since I discovered them a good few months ago.

    I crave new amazing music. Hit me up with some suggestions.