Calm down and read it - for life


13 apr 2012, 04:50

1, the spider: can reap the profits, is relying on the net.
2: the red day, shrimp, is sad when.
Balance:3, who give a little more, they will turn to who.
4: look down from a height, falls for, to talk rapidly.
5, saw: do have the gift of the gab, separates behavior.
6, the balloon : as long as being Chui, then walking on air.
7, the clock: back to the starting point, but has not yesterday.
Walnut:8, do not have gorgeous appearance, but have full brain.
9, the compass: mind is stable, no matter how well things by temptation.
10, the vase: look beautiful, also not conceal the emptiness inside.
In11, when the leaves are completely discredited hold about and give oneself airs.
12, the history of punctuation is a question mark, the history behind the exclamation.
In 13, Guan Lian first is not greedy, does not rot, not faint; people Lian principal is not bribe, not flattery, not by Guan Guang, not fawn upon the rich and powerful persons.
In 14, an official of the cheap, ten officials of effect,100people then. An official corruption,100officials will come from, thousands of people have attached.
Table15, number of children, adults and children hurt, hurt the stomach, the whole family.
16, the young man thought education can substitute for experience, the elder that experience can take the place of education.
17, learning can lead, not quick, otherwise, the child is childhood, youth without youth, middle-aged no fun, the elderly in.
18, open the books, full of people eating.
In 19, kraft blows bigger more, ability is less and less; the temper is more and more big, to less and less; courage is more and more big, metric is less and less; play strength is more and more big, drive less and less; more and more power, prestige is more and more small; shelf is more and more big, personality is more and more small.
20, often boast a beautiful woman; if not pretty, can boast that she has a good temperament; if not pretty, and does not have the temperament, can boast she good; if not, I will boast about her health.


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