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  • aschenglorie

    i think tyrion is probably the only 100% safe character, so worry not :D i'm sending you my email in inbox, and don't laugh, because it's the one i made at the age of 15 and rarely use it :O

    4 jul 16:45 Svara
  • AlineGo


    27 jun 22:08 Svara
  • aschenglorie

    yeah, send them~ well i can understand some spanish, but i can't speak it :I sansa <3 she should rule the north! it's a good thing to have when you're a writer :D i'm observant's all i can say.

    25 jun 20:41 Svara
  • aschenglorie

    oh i was speaking figuratively there~ i don't hate religion, anthropology has shown me there's more to it than we think. i just don't like it when people think their opinions are superior to everyone else's. damn, can't be bothered to link that to free market now, but i will tell that story one day :I you can always send me your works if they're in english (or simpler spanish? that i can understand)~ yeah you take jon snow, i can't betray sansa :D haha, thanks, rarely can i see such frequent usage of the word 'interesting'. oh you're not crazy, tho moments of artistic illumination can seem like madness. so your mind never stops, huh? :D

    23 jun 21:21 Svara
  • zyLgviolet

    Hey, gracias, aunque ese azul ya es de hace tiempo. Saludos!

    22 jun 20:38 Svara
  • aschenglorie

    hahaha, oh it's not a dark side, it's a boring one that consists of me not being a fan of the free market religion and using every chance to ridicule it :I those are nice themes, do they end well? :D yeah you're right, he gets wiser and his hair gets flawless, i wanna be him~ my writings are just me hiding what i think/feel as best as i can, no specific theme or genre. not so exciting i guess :D *chaotic mind hi5* yeah, dreams are bitches. um well the chaos is there because i always do too many things at once and a person can't multiply themselves (yet) :( wbu, why are you chaotic?

    22 jun 11:17 Svara
  • aschenglorie

    aw, that's great, we had similar history teacher for a while. np, one can't just casually bring up anthropology in a convo~ right now, my fav subjects are material culture (that's the evil anti-qotsa exam), political economy and linguistics (and dissing neoliberal capitalism, but you don't wanna know that side of me). although, i'm finishing my 2nd year of study, so i still know as much as jon snow :I and yepp, i used to write short stories and poems. i've been trying to start writing a screenplay for the last couple of weeks, but my mind is too chaotic for doing anything proper, so basically i dream of main characters, their clothes and some scenes almost every night, but it just won't come together (now you're probably laughing, as a pro, but plebs like me still can't give up the notion of inspiration). glad to hear our conversation doesn't sing you to sleep :D

    21 jun 17:05 Svara
  • aschenglorie

    np~ because of history? elaborate pls :D hahaha, well, cultural anthro is somewhat different from archeology. we don't do excavations, but our fieldwork is pretty much everywhere else, so we write about everything, from religious practices and political organizations to hello kitty and supermarkets. right now i'm finding it hard to write non-scientific stuff, it feels too vague~ oh, did i mention we always talk too much? :I

    20 jun 21:26 Svara
  • aschenglorie

    *enjoyed yeah :D oh that's awesome, what's your writing style like? i'm in cultural anthropology, we do a loooot of writing too.

    20 jun 10:40 Svara
  • aschenglorie

    well i like the sound of that, what's your main field of study? it was great, they were awesome and the audience was craycray (my ribs still can't forget the first two songs) :D time literally flew tho~

    19 jun 19:21 Svara
  • aschenglorie

    i feel you man~ my exam went well tho (i beat you ha?) :D

    19 jun 12:27 Svara
  • aschenglorie

    haha, thanks :D oh, missed qotsa couple of days ago because of an exam. exams are evil, i tell you

    18 jun 23:07 Svara
  • aschenglorie

    puh-lease, it's classical guitar :D likewise, the fact that you saw arctic monkeys live makes me really really jealous~

    18 jun 10:31 Svara
  • aschenglorie

    hi shiny hair man

    17 jun 09:59 Svara
  • Azathoth_Circle

    Thank you for joining us and greetings from revolutionary Ukraine \\m/ Check out our music and get free download of our first s\\t EP ! Also сheck and like us on: www.facebook.com/AzathothCircle to stay tunned for updates \\m/

    4 jun 10:27 Svara
  • happytami

    hey jack, gracias por agregarme (:

    23 apr 05:04 Svara
  • Vanjavit

    Thanks, and you have great taste too! Greetings from Sweden!

    19 apr 11:28 Svara
  • ankookna

    Thanks :) Yours is also nice^^

    4 mar 00:04 Svara
  • Coldlie

    Thanks, yours is also great :) Greetings from Poland!

    22 jan 14:47 Svara
  • Progrockchick

    Welcome :)Good to meet You ;) greetings form Lithuania Merry Christmas ;)

    24 dec 2013 Svara
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