• Roll the Bones in pressure

    9 jul 2006, 10:55

    'Ello! Im back with Roll The Bones in my journal. I bought this album four days ago and now im listening it all the time.

    Let the fray begin! erhm...

    Dreamline starts with Alex's genius intro and it continues within the song. But what about the song? It's brilliant. Rush has done a classic, again. Here are three separate verses and they are the lock and key in this song. 10/10

    Bravado is Neil's very impressive art. Lyrics are GREAT and the message in song is so touchable. Only one bad thing, other's dont understand this song if they aren't fans of Rush. This song is for every mood what we have. But the song is still 10/10

    Roll The Bones is next in list. This song has so many memories ála chorus and this is mine all-time-favourite. Here is another classic what includes Neil's rap-section. It's another groovy thing in this song. Again, 10/10

    Face UP is not so popural Rush-song, but you could like this- like I do. This is grooviest song on this album. This means to be in Roll the Bones, but this is not an classic. Could be! 9/10

    Where's My Thing? is a long awaited instrumental what Rush has done. This won one Grammy and it's worth of it. But this still isn't the highlight on this album, but it couldn't be on other album. It has great riffs and etc. It's Rush's instrumental, you should know! 9.5/10

    The Big Wheel, song, what I liked someday too much. It's great song, but I have heard it too much, it's little bit disappointed thing to listen it. But still I will give 8.5/10

    Heresy has same problem as The Big Wheel has. This has own great moments and it's very sad song if you read lyrics. I will give 9/10

    Ghost of a Chance starts at last, highlight of the album. There are others too, like Dreamline, Bravado and Roll the Bones, but this is so great song. The Thing between the verses is so full of beauty. Ooo' what a song, 10/10

    Neurotica starts with funny bass and this start's good song. The chorus is catchy, but doesn't make the song so good. I like the melody between the verses. Still, 9/10.

    You Bet Your Life is the VERY good end for Roll the Bones. Guitars in this are funny and the chorus is strange- but a big winner. This isn't popural song, but I think everyone who owns Roll the Bones album, likes this song. And of course, this needs listening. Here we are, in the end of Roll the Bones, I give 10/10

    I recommend this album for everyone who have heard Roll the Bones and those who have heard Rush's music of eightees, experimentally Presto.

    Happy Listening!
  • What do you think about Rush?

    23 apr 2006, 13:09

    This is very odd, but still so interesting question. What you think about Rush? We all Rush-manics know that Rush is more than music-
    but how hard is it for yourself?

    Do someone hate you because you listen Rush?
    Do your best friend under-rate Rush? (and he haven't even listened it) Or is it something else?
    Is it hard to teach someone to listen Rush?

    Rush was very popural band. But now it's little bit old and underrated, because many says that Neil Peart is not good and Rush is too poppy and so on. Teen's listen something else, more in speed metal etc. I think Rush has much radio-playing, but it hasn't so much influence in here, Finland.

    Still think that Rush is made for everyone's ears. But won't listen it with brains.

    And of course, what's your favorite album? Look at GUP Under Pressure journal where I give my critic about GUP-album. Of course, if you're interested.

    -Vilfvgbi (played all along, Rush - Roll The Bones)
  • GUP Under Pressure

    14 apr 2006, 16:03

    Rush has always done some brilliant albums.
    Like Grace Under Pressure,
    which is TOO underrated. This album is awesome! I cant let my ears find someone who could say this album bad, because this is the one I love. Almost all songs relate about war and disaster. Okey, here is the doom:

    Distant Early Warning, this is only song which I dont like. Still, I like this sometimes.. but often I dont. It's an annoyance for me..

    Afterimage, here we are, in world of progressive Rush! Listener should listen this song strictly, because of it's confusive verses. If you do it, you should hear those brilliant guitar-things and great chorus. I like, but not best on this album.

    Red Sector A, of course Rush has disco-songs! Well, Alex says himself that this is only Rush-song how you could dance with it. But this holocaust-song is very dramatic, and the verse makes you feel sad and tragedic... But one of the best songs of 80'

    The Enemy Within, now Neil can finally show's his skills. But I haven't always liked those verses in this... again, an annoyance. But it's still good continue for "Fear"-trilogy.

    The Body Electric, again song with funny and driving chorus! This song starts with funny drum-"solo". Always a pleasure to hear.

    Kid Gloves, aeks, what a confusion that first time we're when I heared this. I didn't remember anything of this, ooh what a disaster. But now this one of the best on this album.
    What a genius!

    Red Lenses, finally, my all-time-favorite and beuatiful song! Well, not so beautiful, but the little interlude there is so beautiful and funny to hear. It makes this song's idea stand, and this song makes you feel first time little bit confused, but it's the idea. Look at the title, it's writed with lower-case letters, again, part of idea. I will not get enough with this song, I love it! Best of this album, one of the best of Rush and 80'

    Between The Wheels, last song of the album. This makes me feel that this really is last song, lyrics about war and everything else lasting. This has good chorus and verses are genious. Good end for Grace Under Pressure!
  • Rush, not only music

    15 jan 2006, 12:05

    Rush means a lot for me. I mean a lot! I love to listen such a good songs like 2112- heavy classic and everything what Rush have done. I even play it with my electric guitar, its music what gives you a good feel when you have finished it.

    I should love my friend, because he was first who gave me some Rush. It were Limelight, and I just took my guitar and started playing. I just love Rush and I will not never start hating it.

    Special thanks for Minxzu, who gived me this pages address and my cousin, who started this Rush-manic.