• Hi. :|

    6 aug 2006, 08:31

    I stole this from Pan's oldish journal. 8|

    Post your current fifteen top artists, the first song you heard, the song that you fell in love with, and your current favorite.

    Yeah, most of these artists topped a long time ago. 8D

    1. Sarah McLachlan
    First Song Heard: Angel, Probably.
    Fell In Love With: Fallen
    Current Favorite: Back Door Man

    2. Enya
    First Song Heard: Wild Child
    Fell In Love With: . . . Wild Child. XD
    Current Favorite: Book of Days, which is a lie because she has so much awesome stuff.

    3. Dido
    First Song Heard: I remember White Flag, but it was probably Thank You
    Fell In Love With: Don't Leave Home
    Current Favorite: Honestly OK, I suppose. I don't really have a favourite. o_O

    4. Anna Nalick
    First Song Heard: Breathe (2 AM)
    Fell In Love With: Paper Bag
    Current Favorite: In The Rough & In My Head

    5. Lisa Loeb
    First Song Heard: Stay
    Fell In Love With: Stay
    Current Favorite: Fools Like Me

    6. Lifehouse
    First Song Heard: Hanging By A Moment
    Fell In Love With: You and Me
    Current Favorite: Fairy Tales and Castles & What's Wrong With That

    7. Ace of Base
    First Song Heard: The Sign
    Fell In Love With: The Sign
    Current Favorite: Beautiful Morning

    8. Alanis Morissette
    First Song Heard: Ironic
    Fell In Love With: Head Over Feet
    Current Favorite: Hands Clean

    9. Teitur
    First Song Heard: You're The Ocean
    Fell In Love With: You're The Ocean
    Current Favorite: Poetry & Aeroplanes

    10. Goo Goo Dolls
    First Song Heard: Maybe Broadway or Name? Impossible to tell.
    Fell In Love With: Black Balloon
    Current Favorite: Black Balloon and Can't Let It Go

    11. Melissa Etheridge <3
    First Song Heard: I'm The Only One
    Fell In Love With: This Moment
    Current Favorite: Angels Would Fall & If You Want To. Among many others. :0

    12. Jewel
    First Song Heard: You Were Meant For Me
    Fell In Love With: You Were Meant For Me
    Current Favorite: 2 Find U

    13. The Postal Service
    First Song Heard: Such Great Heights
    Fell In Love With: Such Great Heights
    Current Favorite: Against All Odds & Be Still My Heart

    Disney doesn't freaking count. >|

    14. Suzanne Vega
    First Song Heard: Tom's Diner
    Fell In Love With: Luka
    Current Favorite: Marlene On The Wall

    15. Barenaked Ladies
    First Song Heard: One Week
    Fell In Love With: Maybe Katie
    Current Favorite: Helicopters

    wee D: