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  • martinharrykuro

    Hello again! :) At the beginning I have to say, that I already knew few bands you've told me about, so most of the time I actually just refreshed them ;) But I really enjoyed Mastodon! I wouldn't say it's my type at first, but after a while it turned out to be hard to change one song to another :) Prog-metal is hard to me, that's why I really like only few bands myself, so those thrash related band are not my cup of tea. I also like Anathema, nevertheless sometimes I find it too calm to listen to it all the time. Savatage was new for me and let's make it official- I LOVE it!

    6 apr 09:18 Svara
  • martinharrykuro

    Oh my, I'm so sorry! I was convinced that your home country was Poland, I hope that I didn't trouble you that much. I'd like to thank you for reading my post anyway ^^" And another thank you for recommendation, I will check them as soon as possible :)

    5 apr 08:54 Svara
  • martinharrykuro

    Witaj, zauważyłam, że mamy dosyć podobny gust muzyczny i chciałam Cię prosić o polecenie jakiś zespołów, o ile nie byłby to problem oczywiście :)

    4 apr 19:18 Svara
  • IgorDetoni

    Oh hi. Thanks for the recommendation. I found the mp3s on rutracker and it's downloading now. :)

    1 apr 20:12 Svara
  • tuprofe_1

    да, вот решил сменить

    23 mar 05:13 Svara
  • NemiSekira

    озрик тентаклс зэр гут

    16 mar 21:08 Svara
  • Apsalar94


    16 mar 17:01 Svara
  • RnRDoc

    а квотса крайне приятна

    15 mar 07:41 Svara
  • RnRDoc

    да, ава хороша. это ж я

    15 mar 07:40 Svara
  • v_potemkah

    Написала в лс. Стучи, если что)

    7 mar 19:03 Svara
  • v_potemkah

    Такой же. А с кем имею честь?)

    6 mar 17:35 Svara
  • v_potemkah

    А, пардон, misreading =) 3 деревянных пока на отдельный день. IMHO более чем приемлемо за 4 отличных концерта (пусть даже 3, если Moderat пересекается с кем-то с основной сцены).

    3 mar 17:41 Svara
  • v_potemkah

    Потому что Deftones, Wolfmother, Mastodon и Moderat.

    3 mar 09:04 Svara
  • Vantaig

    14.02.14 - 1000 listens of ALICE IN CHAINS, FUCK YEA

    17 feb 19:26 Svara
  • Anastasiya1024

    Спасибо за добавление. Отличная библиотека ; )

    11 feb 12:34 Svara
  • NemiSekira

    хорошо, учитель!

    7 feb 12:37 Svara
  • k0c0s39

    И ведь не соврал О_о. Не знал бы, о чем поет, вполне можно было бы наслаждаться.

    7 feb 09:16 Svara
  • k0c0s39

    Вот даже как. Заинтриговал, придется слушать :)

    7 feb 09:05 Svara
  • NemiSekira

    и правда.

    7 feb 08:21 Svara
  • k0c0s39

    v Определенно :D

    6 feb 19:15 Svara
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Om mig

Seen Live:
Alice Cooper
Cult of Luna
Dead Can Dance
Dio Disciples
Fear Factory
God Is An Astronaut (x2)
Grave Digger
Judas Priest
Kreator (x2)
Paradise Lost
Petter Carlsen
Red Fang
Rhapsody of Fire
Russian Circles
The Smashing Pumpkins
Sol Invictus
Чёрный Обелиск

I'm searching for something that's lost in my heart. God knows I'm a sinner, I'm falling apart.

Fill me with hope if you can, I will become a better man.

I am the friend you never had.

The journey never ends
It's just begun.
The lies that never learn.
The needle's in my heart.
And things will never change.
So every time I scream I'm killing pain.

A grain of sand at the ocean shore
Faceless lost with the urge for more
Can't break free suffering in pain
Following the Everlasting Flame.

Man will never end your suffering stealing all your years. God is with you, but won't save you from your Trail of Tears.

I am becoming all things envied, I am the excess
I want it all - more pain, more sex, more lies, more of
everything... EVERYTHING
Everyday I look into the mirror
Staring back I look less familiar
I've seen all seven faces
Each one looks a lot like me

I am the flesh. And flesh is weak.

Welcome to Brutal Planet.

All in all it was just bricks in the wall
All in all you were all just bricks in the wall

In the morning, when your waking
I will always be with you.

I will always
Be here
With you
Getting better, better, better
Better, better, better



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