• Yet another quizz (but hey, when was the last time? ;o)

    23 nov 2009, 23:04

    Rules [ just pretend to care ]:
    Step 1: Open up whatever MP3 program you use and add every song in your collection.
    Step 2: Put it on random.
    Step 3: Post a bit of [awesome] lyrics from random song that plays.
    Step 4: Post and let everyone guess what song and artist the lines come from!
    Step 5: Bold the songs that someone guesses correctly.
    Step 6: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING! [ cheat and you'll DIE. ...more or less years later ]

    1. Angels on fire
    They fall from the sky
    Heaven and hell will be burning tonight. [from time to time x'D]

    2. So you see I got a funny face,
    I got no worries
    And don't know why
    I don't know why. [funny face? Indeed!]

    3.It's getting too crowded here,
    All alone and playing with my fear.
    I don't want this anymore.. [fear, fear, fear..]

    4.Kuomet nualintoj ir iškankintoje žemėje plyti dykra,
    Kuomet gal net baisiau nualintoje ir nukankintoje širdy plyti tuštuma.. [NOT]

    5. "welcome home" she said to me
    "Let's hide away before they see. i need
    So much to be alone with you, i do"

    6.Well it may sound a little frightening
    I want to swallow all of your skin
    Chew your soft tissue into ash
    Beat your ego black and blue [wtf xD]

    7.Skamba dainos apie meilę,
    Vieniems tiesa, kitiems - apgaulė. [;o]

    8.Something for free you've got something from me.
    You want something for free,
    what do you want from me?
    Give me a break with your take and your take
    come on and give me a break,
    what do you want from me? [o-o]

    9.I'm such a this a test? [maybeee]

    10.To protect the world from devestation
    To unite all peoples within our nation
    To denounce the evils of truth and love
    To extend our reach to the stars above [FUCK YEAH \m/]

    11.Slip and slide in your wet delight, feel the blood flow
    Not too fast, don't be slow, my love's in your hands [huh...]

    12.Tėvynė galinga, nebijom pavojų,
    Tebūna padangė taiki ir tyra.
    Mes darbu sukursim didingą rytojų,
    Ir žemę nušvies komunizmo aušra. [Don't ask]

    13.Start her motor
    Take your time
    Rev her up slowly and pull the line
    Are you ready you wanna play
    Put your pedal to her metal
    She'll blow you away [vrum vrum..]

    14.I believe in you
    I'll give up everything just to find you
    I have to be with you to live to breathe
    You're taking over me [ :}~ ]

    15. You calm my mind you calm my mind
    Make my dreams come true - baby [ (nod) ]

    16.This is what we've waited for
    This is it, boys, this is war. [ (happy) ]

    17.Running out of ways to run
    I can't see, I can't be
    Over and over and under my skin
    All this attention is DOING ME IN! [NOT]

    18.The West may be armored with steel
    But we have the faith and belief. [No more]

    19.Kils į dausas amžinais vakarais
    Užvaldydamas naktį...
    Vėl nusileis, virš žemių prajos,
    Jo vežimas jau matos... [ \m/ ]

    20.Diffuse it
    Destroy it
    Abuse it and enjoy it [but not me]

    Symphony Orchestra of State Philharmony of Lithuanian SSR
    Tarja Turunen
    Project Pitchfork
    Dope AGAIN
    Velvet Acid Christ
    Zombie Girl
    Obtest AGAIN

    May the Force be with you.
  • Another Music Quiz.

    28 dec 2007, 22:19

    Hi there.

    Here is my another music quiz with some shocking results.. ^^ Please comment. Sorry for my English.

    1.Story of my life?

    Laibach - Sympathy For The Devil

    Can't be. I do neither believe in christian god or smth like devil. But... You can call several historic personas as devils. :>

    2. How is my life going?

    Johnny Rebel - Cowboys and Niggers

    Should I commit a suicide?

    3. What's the best thing about me?

    Garbage - Sex never goes out of Fashion

    Too good to be true.

    4. How can I get ahead in life?

    Gamma Ray - Heaven or Hell

    Yes, indeed. But which should I choose? I want to Vallhala, anyway. >:|

    5. What's highschool like?

    Angis - Jūros Sakmė [Sea's saga]

    I ain't going to nautical collage, no way.

    6. What's in store for this weekend?

    Garbage - Stupid Girl

    Awwww shit.. Why do I always meet stupid girls in stores? xD

    7. What is my signature dancing song?

    Diktatūra - Į Karą [To WAR]

    I can hardly imagine how to dance to this song. Anyway, I hate dancing.

    8. What song describes my parents?

    Perkele - My Life

    Do you say that my parents have dedicated their lives just for me? How sweet..

    9. What song describes my grandparents?

    Obtest - Vardan [In the name of..]

    In the name of who/what?

    10. What song describes me?

    Garbage - It's all over but hte crying

    Sounds like I was an emo or sth.. THIS TEST GONNA COMPROMISE ME!!11oneoneeleven!

    11. What do I think my current theme song is?

    rebelheart - Per Vilniaus miestą [Thru town of Vilnius]

    Wtf? I have nothing in common with Vilnius.

    12. What's my favourite thing to do?

    Laibach - Achtung! [Warning!]

    Yup, I like to warn people of certain dangers. This makes them nervous, sometimes.

    13. What's my best trait?

    Garbage - Cup of Coffee

    Yeah, sure. It's just because I do not drink it.

    14. What's my worst trait?

    Išjunk Šviesą - Meilės ilgesys [Longing for Love]

    Hmmm.. Maybe.. But 1) Love hurts; 2)I am not a mazochist. SO, I don't need love.

    15. What do I want to achieve in life?

    XESS - Self Crusifixion

    Helloooo!.. I aint so pervert.

    16. What type of women do you like?

    Marijonas Mikutavičius - Gėjai niekadėjai [evildoers gays]


    17. What is your day gonna be like?

    Laibach - Alle Gegen Alle [Everyone against everyone] ?

    Nothing/no-one is perfect. The people round about me too.

    18. Will I die happy?

    Rob Zombie - Let it all bleed out

    Slow and painfull death. Did I deserve that?
  • My Top 50 by nationality.

    13 dec 2007, 22:19


    Alright, here are the numbers. Date and time of the analysis - 2007.12.13 23:00 (GMT +3(2+1)).

    TOTAL IN TOP 50 ARTISTS - 52,673 TRACKS. (85,946% of overall(~61,299) tracks).

    1. Lithuanian - 29,443 - 55.898%

    2. American - 12,468 - 23.671%

    3. Slovenian - 4,408 - 8.369%

    4. German - 3,012 - 5.718%

    5. Swedish - 1,578 - 2.996%

    6. ? - 529 - 1.004%

    7. Croatian - 341 - 0.647%

    8. British - 310 - 0.589%

    9. Norwegian - 251 - 0.477%

    10. Australian - 140 - 0.266%

    I expected Lithuanian tracks to be above 50 percent mark. Obtest über alles! \m/
    But it was quite disappointing that German tracks only had 5%. ;o
    Only Laibach keeps Slovenia high in my charts. And I'm happy with that. :)

    Yeah, I know, the national specter in my charts is very poor. But who cares, anyway. ^^

    P.S. If YOU have any information about Kenny Chou and Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain, please contact. Thank you.
  • 2 metai'e

    1 sep 2007, 07:56

    Heh.. Greitai jie prabėgo.. Keitėsi saito dizainas, spalvos, o Obtest pas mane vis pirmi ir pirmi.. ^^
    Tikrai nesigailiu prisijungęs. Nauji žmonės, nauji skambesiai.

    Už tai didelis AČIŪ Wytui, kuris šiaip ne taip prikalbėjo žengti lemtingą žingsnį!! xD

    THX, DUUUDE! >:/ \m/
  • A song, that...

    19 mar 2007, 21:47

    is pure Anger
    Dope - Die Motherfucker Die

    Caramel Members - Žmogus Kampe [man in a corner]
    Come closer and see that I'm crying... ;x
    But wait, Anger is better than Sorrow. Fuck EMOs.

    Garbage - Sex is not the enemy
    Give me a chance to turn the key...

    Obtest - Auka Seniems Dievams [offering to the Ancient Gods]
    Energy for all my day. No need of food or Oxygen, just OBTEST.

    Diktatūra - Kilt [to rise]
    Čia gimė ir augo visa tai, sukasi Saulės ženklai...

    Diktatūra - Lietuvai [to Lithuania]
    My own conception of Beauty.

    Notanga - Ragana Sesė [Sister Witch]
    Raganos niekad nepraranda vilties, nes raganos vilties neturi turėti...

    N.Pečiūra ir G.Balčiūnas - Sena patranka [old cannon]
    Kada pagersim, kada paūšim, kai pasutinį STRIBĄ PRIMUŠIM!!! xDDD

    Robbie Williams - Feel
    I don't wanna die, but I dont keen on living either...

    Dope - Thanks For Nothing
    Thanks for nothing, positively nothing, thanks for all your bullshit too...

    Katedra - Žvaigždele
    Comments not needed... :>
  • Best / Worst.

    23 feb 2007, 12:45

    1. Obtest
    Best: Auka Seniems Dievams [offering to the Ancient Gods] - Backbone of my religion.
    Worst: Myth of Poor Souls - Old, english song..bah...

    2. Diktatura [Diktatūra]
    Best: Kilt [To rise] - Inspires to kick some asses. xD
    Worst: Šok [Dance] - Dunno... I listen it rarely.

    3. Fanarai
    Best: Nugalėti! [To Win] - Globalization problem.
    Worst: Traumos [Traumas] - Violence.. crap.. xD

    4. Garbage
    Best: Metal Heart - Nice lyrics.
    Worst: Androgyny - Wtf????? Is it Pop-song?

    5. Perkele
    Best: Heart Full of Pride - Love from first sight.
    Worst: My Home - Simple, simple song.

    6. Rob Zombie
    Best: Two Lane Blacktop - NFSU SOUNDTRACK!!!
    Worst: Thunder Kiss'65 - Oldie... xD

    7. Angis
    Best: Nešk, brolau, kovon [carry me to war, brother] - Songs of War. Always adored.
    Worst: Ten kur dangus paliečia jūrą - I cant hear the voooocals...

    8. Dope
    Best: Die motherfucker Die - way to spurt out all my agression.
    Worst: Four More Years - This one for criticizing mr. Bush. ^.^

    9. XESS
    Best: Biomechanoid - are they speaking of me? ;o
    Worst: Mama My Vse Soshli S Uma - RUSSIAN?????? T_T~

    10. Vytautas Kernagis
    Best: Skrendančio dramblio klausimai dviems silkėms [flying elephant's questions for two herrings] - (dance)
    Worst: Kansaras nr. 2 - crappy version of good song.

    11. Metallica
    Best: Invisible Kid (Sounds emo, eh? xD)
    Worst: Orion - dunno. xD

    12. Toro Bravo
    Best: Viskas TvarkOi! [It's OK] - Oi!
    Worst: Nebučiuokit kojų [don't kiss feet] - too silly.

    13. Keistuolių Teatras
    Best: Meilės nėra [there is no more love] - Sooner or later all loves perish...
    Worse: Nieko nėra geriau [there's nothing better] - Russian too. T_T

    14. Notanga
    Best: Notanga 3000 - FREEDOM FOR PRUSSIANS!
    Worst: ...En Taweins - This one is Prussian. xD Sadly i dont have this song.

    15. rebelheart
    Best: Tautiška giesmė [nation's song] - National Anthem. Wonderful...
    Worst: Kaklelis gerti ištroško [Neck is thirsty to drink] - Alkoholism. O_x

    16. Undercode
    Best: Freedom (is mine) - Globalization too.
    Worst: Do not forgive us - Christian crap.

    17. Žalvarinis
    Best: Užugdė - View of war thru woman's eyes. ^^
    Worst: Zalis Varis - Too difficult for me to understand.

    18. Dropkick Murphys
    Best: Fields of Athenry - Song about Nation's freedom. Nice. :)
    Worst: Oi Oi Oi - sorry, i dont have much of them.

    19. Röyksopp
    Best: What Else is There - Divine vocal.
    Worst: Circuit breaker - GHAI vocal. xD

    20. Hiperbolė
    Best: Vandens ženklai [Marks of Water] - Childhood of lithuanian rock. :)
    Worst: Porcelianas [Porcelain] - Can't tell...

    Feel free to comment. :)