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Lana Del ReyFlipside Älskad låt Igår 21:21
Lana Del ReyIs This Happiness Igår 21:16
Lana Del ReyFlorida Kilos Älskad låt Igår 21:12
Lana Del ReyGuns and Roses Igår 21:07
Lana Del ReyBlack Beauty Älskad låt Igår 21:02
Lana Del ReyWest Coast (Radio Mix) Älskad låt Igår 20:58
Lana Del ReyThe Other Woman Älskad låt Igår 20:55
Lana Del ReyOld Money Igår 20:51
Lana Del ReyFucked My Way Up to the Top Igår 20:47
Lana Del ReyMoney Power Glory Igår 20:43
Lana Del ReyPretty When You Cry Älskad låt Igår 20:39
Lana Del ReySad Girl Älskad låt Igår 20:33
Lana Del ReyWest Coast Älskad låt Igår 20:29
Lana Del ReyBrooklyn Baby Älskad låt Igår 20:23
Lana Del ReyShades of Cool Älskad låt Igår 20:18
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Om mig

I am not anti-social. I am selectively social.
No passion but Black, no altar but Earth.
"And when at last you find someone to whom you feel you can pour out your soul, you stop in shock at the words you utter - they are so rusty, so ugly, so meaningless and feeble from being kept in the small cramped dark inside you so long." (Sylvia Plath)
"Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were." (M. Proust)
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." (M. Proust)
"Let everything happen to you / beauty and terror / just keep going / no feeling is final." (R.M. Rilke)
"If you're lonely when you're alone, then you're in bad company." (J.P. Sartre)

"All is not theirs, it seems;
One fatal tree there stands, of Knowledge called,
Forbidden them to taste. Knowledge forbidden?
Suspicious, reasonless. Why should their Lord
Envy them that? Can it be sin to know,
Can it be death? And do they only stand
By ignorance, is that their happy state,
The proof of their obedience and their faith?
O fair foundation laid whereon to build
Their ruin! Hence I will excite their minds
With more desire to know, and to reject
Envious commands, invented with design
To keep them low whom knowledge might exalt
Equal with gods."
(John Milton, Paradise Lost, 4.513-526)

- 06/01 - Ludbreška planinarska obilaznica (hiking)
- 18/03 - Dolina Tamar (Planica), SLO (hiking)
- 28/04 - Banovina (field trip)
- 01/05 - Kalnik (hiking)
- 05/05 - Reims, FRA (field trip)
- 06-11/05 - Paris, FRA (field trip)
- 23/06 - Tragom vitezova ivanovaca (hiking)
- 29/07 - Pusta Bela (hiking)
- 05/08 - Dinara (hiking)
- 17/11 - Hrvatsko primorje (field trip)
- 13/04 - Aquileia, Grado, ITA (field trip)
- 14/04 - Ostia, ITA (field trip)
- 15-18/04 - Rome, ITA (field trip)
- 19/04 - Rimini, ITA (field trip)
- 20/04 - Ravenna, Pomposa, ITA (field trip)
- 17-19/05 - Dubrovnik (field trip)
- 26/05 - Dani hrvatskih planinara, Žumberak (hiking)
- 30/05-01/06 - Darkness Rising, Serbia (Black metal fest)
- 19-21/07 - Velebit (hiking)
- 17/08 - Logarska dolina, Velenje, SLO (hiking/trip)
- 30/11-01/12 - Krk (field trip)
- 26/04 - Sankt Wolfgang, Sankt Gilgen, Bad Ischl, Hallstatt; AUT (trip)
- 21/05 - Ćićarija, Istra (hiking)
- 22/05 - Učka, Istra (hiking)
- 15/06 - Milengrad, Ivančica (hiking)
- 10/08 - Grintovec 2558 m, Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe, SLO (hiking)


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