• Albums I Look Forward to (updated)

    4 dec 2010, 09:18

    June 10th: Beady Eye - BE
    June 10th: Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest


  • Toronto Venue Ranking

    2 sep 2010, 06:08

    Just because.

    1) The Drake Underground
    2) Massey Hall
    3) The Great Hall
    4) Lee's Palace
    5) The Rivoli
    6) Glenn Gould Studio
    7) The Danforth Music Hall
    8) Hugh's Room
    9) Queen Elizabeth Theatre
    10) The Mod Club
    11) El Mocambo
    12) The Horseshoe Tavern
    13) Wrongbar
    14) The Phoenix Concert Theatre
    15) Kool Haus
    16) Molson Amphitheatre
    17) Sound Academy
    18) Air Canada Centre
    19) Ricoh Coliseum

    Twist Gallery isn't exactly a live music venue, but it gets an honourable mention for being a cool place to see a show. The same goes for the Toronto Islands, and Fort York.
  • Bands I've Seen (edited)

    13 nov 2009, 06:55

    I've seen many more, but this list here includes the more notable acts I've seen, plus a few acts that just impressed me.

    A.A. Bondy (2)
    Alberta Cross
    Amidon, Sam
    Amor de Días
    Anti-Q's (5)
    Arctic Monkeys (3)
    Arkells, The (3)
    Art Brut
    Ascot Royals, The
    Auerbach, Dan
    Avett Brothers, The
    Band of Horses
    Band of Skulls
    Beach House (2)
    Bedouin Soundclash
    Bell Orchestre
    Bidini, Dave (2)
    Little Black Dress, The
    Black Keys, The (3)
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (3)
    Bloc Party
    Blood Feathers
    Born Ruffians
    British Sea Power (2)
    Broken Social Scene (2)
    Brötzmann, Peter
    Burns, Kate (Forest City Lovers)
    Caribou (2)
    Clientele, The (2)
    Cobbs, The
    Cochrane, Tom
    Collett, Jason
    Constantines (3)
    Crush Luther
    Cuff the Duke (4)
    Damon & Naomi
    Davies, Ray (2)
    Dean Lickyer
    Dears, The
    Divine Fits
    Do Make Say Think (2)
    Dr. Dog
    Earle, Justin Townes
    Ethier, Andre
    Evening Hymns
    Explosions in the Sky
    Father John Misty
    Field Music
    Films, The
    Final Fantasy
    Flaming Lips, The (2)
    Foo Fighters
    Forbert, Steve
    Foxes in Fiction
    Fratellis, The
    Fresh and Onlys, The
    Gnarls Barkley
    Golden Dogs, The
    Grainger, Sebestian & the Mountains
    Gramercy Riffs
    Grant, Jenn
    Great Lake Swimmers (2)
    Handsome Furs (4)
    Harlan Pepper (2)
    Hawkins, Ron (The Lowest of the Low)
    Healy, Fran (Travis)
    Hey Rosetta!
    Hidden Cameras, The
    Hixenbaugh, Colleen (Colleen and Paul)
    Hooded Fang
    Hours, The
    Interpol (2)
    Jamie T
    Jayhawks, The
    Jetset Motel
    Jones, Danko (2)
    Junction, The (9)
    Kaiser Chiefs
    Kid Koala (2)
    Killers, The
    Kills, The
    Land of Talk (3)
    Le Bon, Cate
    Lee Harvey Osmond
    Lewis, Jeffrey
    Library Voices
    Louis XIV
    Lower Dens
    Mangan, Dan
    Mando Diao
    Marble Index, The (4)
    Mark Inside, The (2)
    Mason, Willy (2)
    Mayfield, Jessica Lea (2)
    Mays, Matt & El Torpedo (3)
    McCombs, Cass
    McLauchlan, Murray
    Metric (3)
    Michel, Danny
    Miniatures, The (2)
    Modest Mouse
    Mooney Suzuki, The
    Morby, Kevin
    Morning Benders, The (2)
    Most Serene Republic, The (4)
    Mother Mother
    Mumford and Sons (2)
    Naked and Famous, The
    National, The (4)
    Neufeld, Sarah
    No Joy
    Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
    Oasis (2)
    Ohbijou (2)
    Old Crow Medicine Show
    Olenka & the Autumn Lovers
    Ortega, Lindi
    Pilot Speed
    Plants and Animals (3)
    Pop Levi
    Ponys, The
    Raconteurs, The
    Radio Dept., The
    Raising the Fawn (2)
    Rateliff, Nathaniel
    Roberts, Sam (4)
    Rosebuds, The
    Run With the Kittens
    Rural Alberta Advantage, The
    Sadies, The
    Said the Whale
    Schreifels, Walter
    Sean Bones
    Silversun Pickups
    Sloan (6)
    Smashing Pumpkins
    Spoon (2)
    Stern, Marnie
    Stetson, Colin
    Stills, The (2)
    Strand of Oaks
    Strokes, The (2)
    Sunset Rubdown
    Suuns (2)
    Tallest Man on Earth, The (2)
    Temper Trap, The
    Timber Timbre (2)
    Tokyo Police Club (3)
    Toro Y Moi
    Tragically Hip, The
    Trews, The (2)
    Twin Tigers
    Two Hours Traffic
    United Steel Workers of Montreal, The
    Vampire Weekend
    Verve, The
    Vollebekk, Leif (3)
    Von Bondies, The
    Waking Eyes, The (4)
    Walkmen, The (7)
    We Are Scientists
    Webb, Bry
    Weller, Paul
    Whigs, The
    Wilco (2)
    Wilderness of Manitoba, The
    Wintersleep (2)
    Wooden Sky, The (2)
    Woodshed Orchestra (2)
    Young, Neil
    Young Prisms
    Young Rival (3)
    You Say Party! We Say Die!

    Guest Appearances:

    Sexsmith, Ron
    Stetson, Colin
  • Doves - Kingdom of Rust review

    27 mar 2009, 05:05

    It’s been four years since the Doves released Some Cities, their last full-length. Generally, such a long layover is cause for concern. Fortunately, the Manchester, England band have avoided a Second Coming and are back on top form. Kingdom Of Rust picks up where Some Cities they left off, retaining some of the more electronic elements of that album. This is arguably Doves’ most inventive effort to date, yet it still retains the band’s classic sound.

    The slow burning Jetstream opens the album and builds towards some interesting textural ideas, although it doesn’t quite seem to achieve much in the way of a climax. The pace is picked up by the lead single and title track Kingdom of Rust, which grooves along with an expansive sound of a determined band. The pace continues to build with the dirty basslines of the Outsiders and through to Winter Hill, a more conventional Doves number. What follows next though is the centerpiece, 10:03. What begins as a lush ballad about longing for familiarity, abruptly transforms into a gloomy bass-driven jam halfway through. Later on, the funky bassline of Compulsion is positively reminiscent of the bands’ earlier Sub Sub days. Compulsion really illustrates how Doves’ willingness to experiment separates the band from Elbow and its other contemporaries.

    The finish though, is the real highlight of Kingdom of Rust. The stomping beat of House of Mirrors and its huge outro which features co-vocals from both of the bands’ brothers, is maybe the band’s best track since Pounding. The piano-led Lifelines then completes the album with a revived sense of passion for the trio. Unfortunately, the band does seem to run out of steam in the middle, as Birds Flew Backwards and Spellbound impede the flow a little bit too much and Kingdom of Rust doesn’t contain the band’s finest lyrics. Sill though, neither of these points can take anything away from this long-awaited success. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for almost any ambitious-sounding British band, but Doves’ Kingdom of Rust really does deserve to go down as one of 2009’s finest.

  • Lotus Plaza - The Floodlight Collective review

    25 mar 2009, 00:14

    Solo albums from guitarists rarely seem to pan out these days for some reason. While such efforts often end up being displays of self-indulgence, that isn’t the case with the solo debut from Lockett pundt of Deerhunter, as Lotus Plaza. With a strong influence, The Floodlight Collective is full of lush, reverb-laden landscapes. There are so many layers of guitars, as well as less-conventional instrumentation here, that you should continue to notice new things after many listens. However, there isn’t much here in the way of lyrics to decipher. The vocals are mostly indistinguishable behind all that reverb, but it doesn't seem to matter, as they appear to be more there for the creation of melody than anything.

    While this is very much an album about creating a specific intertwined sound, many of these songs are still driven by weaving basslines and pounding drums, both of which seem to give the songs a sense of direction. However, with this being such a dense sounding record, neither takes away from the expansive atmosphere throughout it. Admittedly, the Floodlight Collective does sound like countless other shoegazing albums that strived to achieve the same sound, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. These Years actually sounds like My Bloody Valentine covering Brian Eno and surprisingly, it actually works almost as well as that sounds. Still though, Pundt hasn’t escaped his Deerhunter roots. Quicksand sounds like a lost Deerhunter track, while much of the rest is reminiscent of the more experimental parts of Cryptograms.

    Production-wise, the Floodlight Collective is surprisingly lo-fi, for something with such a complex composition of instrumentation. However, this only adds to density and complexity of the sound collage that this album is. Ultimately, Lotus Plaza does what it does well though here and if you’re looking for something to tide you over until My Bloody Valentine finally release something again, this should do the trick.

  • Handsome Furs - Face Control review

    16 mar 2009, 08:21

    Handsome FursFace Control

    Handsome Furs’ debut Plague Park, with its cavernous guitars and droning synthesizers, was among 2007’s best. With the bar set high, how does the sophomore effort fare then? One of the first things one would notice, is that the minimalism of Plague Park has been traded in for a slightly more complete sound, which even more so shows how great the chemistry between Boeckner and Perry is. The duo still only utilizes one guitar, a drum machine and a synthesizer, but they just seem to make better use of it all. Texturally, this is a much more interesting record, with a much more prominent use of the synthesizer, which now sounds a lot less organic this time around. Fortunately, those guitars are still dripping in Boeckner’s trademark distortion. There’s also quite a lot of Pixies-esque riffage here, which should please fans of Boeckner’s earlier Atlas Strategic project. The real highlight though, is possibly the deceptively simple lyrics about paranoia and desire, which Boeckner wails out with a certain urgency. While this all sounds pretty good, the songs just aren’t quite as strong as those on its predecessor, which also manages to sound significantly more cohesive. Maybe Face Control comes across as slightly too calculated but it fails to capture quite the same level of passion that Plague Park was able to. This album might produce the best song of the year in Evangeline but it doesn’t quite live up to the expectations that come with being a Wolf Parade side project. Fortunately, with those expectations being so high, you’re still left with a pretty good album.

  • Lyrics Quiz

    8 aug 2006, 04:39

    Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
    Step 2: Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
    Step 3: Bold out the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
    Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    1) "Hermanita ven conmigo"
    2) "People say I'm crazy doing what I'm doing"
    3) "Little child, little child"
    4) "As though you were born, and so you thought"
    5) "Left a good job in the city"
    6) "What tongueless ghost of sin crept through my curtains?"
    7) "I haven't seen your face round, since I was a kid"
    8) "Happiness, more or less"
    9) "I want to take a streetcar downtown"
    10) "Got an illusion, I wanted to say"
    11) "Come up to meet you, tell you i'm sorry"
    12) "I was a lover, before this war"
    13) "Listen up, what's the time said today"
    14) "Nobody feels any pain, Tonight as I stand inside the rain"
    15) "John was a scientist, he was hooked on LSD"
    16) "you can’t sit up, you yell to fast"
    17) "Your star will shine again one day"
    18) "Faces in a dream we are, bodys found in a stolen car"
    19) "Blackbird singing in the dead of night"
    20) "Oh girl, look at yourself, what have you done"
    21) "Take me when I'm young and true"
    22) "I've been drying for it"
    23) "i can kill standing still, it's easy"
    24) "There are many things, To talk about"
    25) "When that howling wind, comes to carry you again"

    The Cardigans
    End of Fashion
    The Beatles (2)
    Lowest of the Low
    Bob Dylan
    John Lennon
    Dinosaur Jr.
    Oasis (4)
    TV on the Radio
    The Stone Roses
    John Hiatt
    Creedence Clearwater Revival
    Hurricane #1
    The Verve (2)