This Is Not A Tribute, This Is The Greatest Gig In The World


5 jan 2008, 19:12

I saw this....and I'll do it anyway....looks interesting. (and also...I'm pretty bored right now.)

Take ten bands/artists that should play at your show and determine their set lists:

- The first one plays 5 songs.
- The second one plays 5 songs.
- The third one plays 5 songs.
- The fourth one plays 5 songs.
- The fifth one plays 6 songs.
- The sixth one plays 7 songs.
- The seventh one plays 7 songs.
- The eighth one plays 7 songs.
- The ninth one plays 11 songs.
- The tenth one plays 14 songs, with a 2 song encore.

First Band/Artist:Ladytron
1)True Mathematics
2)High Rise
3)Destroy Everything You Touch
5)Soft Power

Second Band/Artist:Flyleaf
1)I'm So Sick
3)Breathe Today
4)All Around Me
5)Fully Alive

Third Band/Artist:Giant Drag
1)Cordial Invitation
2)This Isn't It
4)Wicked Game
5)Kevin Is Gay

Fouth Band/Artist:Tapping the Vein
1)The Ledge
2)Sugar Falls
4)The River

Fifth Band/Artist:The Used
1)Just a Little
2)Pretty Handsome Awkward
3)The Taste of Ink
4)Sound Effects and Overdramatics
5)I'm a Fake
6)Maybe Memories

Sixth Band/Artist:Avenged Sevenfold
1)Critical Acclaim
2)Beast and the Harlot
3)Almost Easy
4)Unholy Confessions
5)Trashed and Scattered
6)A Little Piece of Heaven
7)Bat Country

Seventh Band/Artist:HIM
1)Venus Doom
2)Join Me In Death
3)It's All Tears (Drown In This Love)
4)Sleepwalking Past Hope
5)Sigillum Diaboli
6)Bleed Well
7)Buried Alive by Love

Eighth Band/Artist:Muse
1)Knights of Cydonia
2)New Born
3)Dead Star
4)Citizen Erased
5)Micro Cuts
6)Plug in Baby
7)Stockholm Syndrome

Ninth Band/Artist:Sigur Rós
1)Takk... / Glósóli
2)Sé Lest
3)Ný batterí
4)Untitled IV
6)Ágætis byrjun
8)Viðrar Vel Til Loftárasa
9)Svo Hljótt
10)Hoppípolla / Með Blóðnasir
11)Untitled VIII

Tenth Band/Artist:Nine Inch Nails
1)Somewhat Damaged
2)The Beginning of the End
4)March of the Pigs
5)We're In This Together
6)La Mer / Into the Void
7)Gave Up
11)The Big Come Down
12)The Hand That Feeds
13)Down In It
14)Starfuckers, Inc
Encore+1)Head Like a Hole


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