KFLA Update 7/14/09 - Avi Buffalo, Nana Pancha, World/Inferno Friendship Society,…


14 jul 2009, 19:17

Friday, July 31st
The Burning of Rome, Sirah, Change, Intuition And Verbs, KRISTA NICOLAS
7:30 PM, $7
San Diego City Beat said the Burning of Rome provides "the perfect mix of goth and dance influences to accompany an Edwardian Ball, with enough organs and dark vocals to satisfy Castlevania fans."

Not to be outdone, 944 Magazine claims, "their musical horizons stretch far beyond the threshold of modern rock. The Burning of Rome is a post-apocolypitic mash-up of meticulous orchestration, electronic manipulation and eccentric experimentation. If Danzig constructed a carnival ride, it'd look something like this."

Wednesday, August 12th
Roadside Graves, Avi Buffalo, Parson Redheads, M. Bison
8:00 PM, $10
Says Pitchfork, "The Roadside Graves' affection for the American landscape-- both physical and musical-- hearkens back to the days when long-distance drivers were at the mercy of whichever classic rock or country station carried the strongest signal, and those lonely instances when a well-timed selection from Creedence, George Jones, or the Band might make your whole evening...Performed with an uncommonly deft touch and subtle grace.”

Long Beach indie rock guitar god Avi Buffalo will also be on hand for this. They are a collective who have an alarming number of things in common with Barbra Streisand.

Thursday, August 13th
Nana Pancha, Chencha Berrinches, South Central Skankers, La Pobreska, Café Con Tequila
7:00 PM, $18 advance, $22 day of show

Friday, August 14th
"Freedom for All" starring Immortal Technique, ChinoXL, Diabolic, Mystic; hosted by
Poison Pen and Fidel Rodriguez. With DJ Static and more
8:00 PM, $20
Established in the underground circuit, Immortal Technique began another round of dealing with record labels unwilling to see the direction of his brutally honest and cultured rhymes. He decided to continue with what had been so successful, his hand-to-hand, out-the-trunk hustle. On Viper Records, where he is the Executive VP, he sold 29,000 copies of Revolutionary Vol.2 to date and has appeared on soundtracks for movies including the new Mario Van Peebles film "BAADASSSSS.” Immortal Technique has also worked with Mumia Abu Jamal and AWOL magazine. His single "Industrial Revolution," released in conjunction with Uncle Howie Records, hit #1 on CMJ and #50 on the Billboard charts. His latest, The 3rd World, was produced by the Green Lantern.

Saturday, September 19th
World/Inferno Friendship Society
8:00 PM, $10 advance, $12 day of show
NYC's disturbingly cult-like, circus-related, tent-revival orchestra the World/Inferno Friendship Society perform red-eyed soul show tunes for the swarming punk rock masses. They are not a rock band with a horn section; instead, a fully-integrated orchestra of young men and women writing songs of the wine, freedoms and foibles which make life more than waking up and going to work every day. There are nine pieces - two drummers, four horns, two guitars, a piano and an accordion. It's Halloween, it's 1933, we're all in Bladerunner and the drinks are on the house.

Sunday, September 20th
Friends of Richie III - A Bloody Good Time, starring Legal Weapon, Mike Watt, Nels Cline, Saccharine Trust, Sylvia Juncosa, Jon Wahl
$12, 6:00 PM
Richie Hass was a lifelong, dedicated multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, music scene supporter, free thinker, satirist, social commentator. He lost his battle with Myeloma in March of 2008, at which time many of his musician friends gathered to celebrate his memory and raise money to fight the disease—the first such fundraiser occurred while Hass was still with us. This is the third benefit, and as is always the case when the L.A. underground is asked to celebrate Richie, his music, and his spirit, the finest players line-up to become involved out of respect and genuine love. This time, LA punk revivalists Legal Weapon, revisionists Saccharine Trust (with whom Hass—on the vibes-- had been a member), bass hero Mike Watt, and Wilco’s not-so-secret-weapon Nels Cline have all signed on. Also, witness the return to the stage by To Damascus singer/guitarist/leader Sylvia Juncosa, and a solo set by the always engaging Jon Wahl.

Thursday, September 24th
Dillinger 4, Riverboat Gamblers, The Arrivals
7:00 PM, $12
Dillinger Four are from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They formed in 1994. Civil War is their fourth full-length record. In terms of importance, they are to the ‘90s and ‘00s what Black Flag was to the ‘80s (without the Grateful Dead worship). In the time between April 12, 1861 and April 9, 1865, starting at Fort Sumter and ending at Appomattox, 600,000 Americans died in the American Civil War. That took almost four full years. Substitute beer and distilled spirits and add the constant distraction called life, tack on two extra years, and that equals D4’s Civil War. Have you heard the new Scared Of Chaka record? No, you haven’t. They broke up. Dillinger Four didn’t. Celebrate that math.

Wednesday, October 7th
The Queers, The Leftovers
7:30 PM, $12
From Allmusic.com: “Sometimes they are mistaken for a queercore band like labelmates Pansy Division, but one listen to the Queers' adolescent-boy-who-never-grew-up lyrics will dispel that misconception. While some of their songs border on sexism and homophobia, they are simply too goofy and good-natured to mean any harm with their left-back-four-grades, dumb-ass shtick.

(In ’06), Asian Man Records began reissuing several of the band's classic albums (remixed and remastered), starting with 1993's Love Songs for the Retarded. In February 2007, and also via Asian Man, the Queers released Munki Brain, their first album of new material since 2002, while the band commemorated their 25th year of immaturity with the DVD The Queers Are Here, which was chock-full of live footage, interviews, and music videos. The reissues continued into 2007.”

Thursday, October 15th
The Phenomenauts, Go Jimmy Go
8:00 PM, $10 advance, $12 day of show
Imagine if the Kinks, the Ventures, Stray Cats and Devo were all galactic pioneers, and joined forces to defend earth’s un-alien-able right to rocket-roll. Combine that with a fast driving blend of punk, pop, psychobilly, solid songwriting and a witty Sci-Fi theme, and you’ve got one of the East Bay’s most celebrated bands, the Phenonmenauts. Conceived in the 2000 and hailing from the Earth capital, Oakland, CA, the Phenomenauts are true galactic pioneers on a mission to entertain with their unique brand of Rocket-Roll.


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