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NirvanaRape Me Älskad låt 36 minuter sedan
Rage Against the MachineTake the Power Back 42 minuter sedan
Rage Against the MachineBombtrack Älskad låt 47 minuter sedan
Parkway DriveUnrest Älskad låt Igår 07:21
Suicide SilenceYou Can't Stop Me Älskad låt Igår 07:17
The OffspringSelf-Esteem Älskad låt 29 aug 14:11
Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? 29 aug 14:07
Black SabbathParanoid Älskad låt 29 aug 14:04
NirvanaRape Me Älskad låt 29 aug 13:59
Green DayBasket Case 29 aug 13:48
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  • Essence_Himself

    Hello! :) Woah, so cool to hear that you enjoyed the gigs! I'd love to sing some old 30stm's songs along with Jared and the crowd *o* Did you get some merch or autograph? Caught a pick? :D Should be so awesome anyway. How's the rest of your summer going on? As for MCR, haha, yeah, they broke up about a year ago :( Though, Gerard is going to make solo-project and...I think everyone from the band has their own bands now, so it's not a big deal. But they were the ones who put me in the world of rock music, even if they were some emo, and that's sad that I'm not going to see them all together.

    13 aug 14:58 Svara
  • ochuel

    Have you heard the new Suicide Silence album? Wondering what you thought of Eddie Hermida's vocals.

    15 jul 00:58 Svara
  • Essence_Himself

    Haha, okay, if you say so :D There is a new acoustic album by Our Last Night for you :'D But I guess it's not what you've been waiting for. Anyway, they have recently released their album, so we have to wait some time for a new stuff. Oh, I've finished with University only a few days ago, so you're not alone :D We have raining weather right now, too, but I reckon it's not that terrible as in Bulgaria! Hope summer comes to you soon :P Woah, I didn't know that you're a fan of 30STM, anyway, that should be cool to see them! Gosh, I'd cried the whole show if I'd got a chance to see the bands which involved me into rock *so girlish* But unfortunately it's My Chemical Romance and Nirvana ;___;

    29 jun 17:46 Svara
  • Essence_Himself

    Hehe :) Well, maybe it is, but I love Architects' new album there are only 3 new songs by TAA I love and as for Architects, the whole album is amazing. Omg, is that really Our Last Night? These guys in puddle of dirt are them? :'D Okayyy then....the song is good without the video. So, your band's rehearsals started now? :) I've been doing really fine, had adventures and stuff xD But now boring life came back + I still have exams and no summer holidays for me. What about you? ;)

    21 jun 17:57 Svara
  • ochuel

    Thanks for accepting my friend request. \\m/

    9 jun 21:35 Svara
  • Essence_Himself

    Yeahh, and Don't Lean On Me is also nice :) Well, I love the music, but the Pittsburgh is still wayy better :3 Haha, I'm agree with you, their songs are kinda simillar (especially when you listen to all of them for thousand times) What happened to your birthday party? :c Did you celebrated it any way? Sorry, I didn't know about your birthday, so no congratulations D: Anyway, I hope things weren't so bad and you found a way to have a great time <3 I haven't heard of Escape or Across the Ocean, I can't even find this band, could you give me the link or something? :) Oh, cool, how long do you have a band? Dunno if I have something for you, though! I've been listening to some indie stuff last days :) Like, Twenty One Pilots, they are pretty popular now and I like some of their lyrics. Did you listen to Punk Goes 90s Vol. 2? There are some good tracks ;)

    19 maj 18:25 Svara
  • Essence_Himself

    Haha, probably yes, you are :D I'm doing fine, thanks! What about you? I absolutely totally love Lost Forever // Lost Together, it just blew me away. My favorite tracks are Colony Collapse, Naysayer and C.A.N.C.E.R. By the way, have you heard Pittsburgh by The Amity Affliction? *---* As for Our Last Night, I actually love their latest album, but hmm it's kinda my first album by them :D Before it, I was listening only their covers :3 But yeah, I've checked the other albums and now my favorite is Age Of Ignorance, hands down. How have you been? Did you find any new cool music stuff which you could recommend me? :D

    26 apr 13:30 Svara
  • AntonyBilberry

    Nice taste! Check this please, my dear friend!

    5 apr 20:54 Svara
  • Vulgaira-

    HI :) nice you!

    12 mar 23:11 Svara
  • Essence_Himself

    Oh, I'm being lazy, too :c Just like now: I spent another one weekends doing nothing, but I had so much to do. What a terrible procrastinator -.- I don't think I'll ever leave forever, I have to talk to many people here ;) Yeahh, I've listened to the new album for couple times, and it seems to be okay. Actually I really love some tracks :3 What do you think?

    2 mar 21:14 Svara
  • Essence_Himself

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO! loool. I'm so sorry for the delay :'D Like really! Thank you so much, I wish you tons of happiness and etc.:D Shame on me that I didn't congratulate you on time ;__; My New Year was crazy, I spend it with my friends...hanging out and being weird :D Actually it was one of the best New Year' celebrations for me :) I don't think that it's still actual to ask you about your New Year now, isn't it? :D How are things?

    19 feb 17:56 Svara
  • Essence_Himself

    hello again ;] oh, hope you'll get better! is it cold in your place? yeahhh i really hope that i will never get tired of hardcore *O* and i have the same...i mean, my friends don't like it and always say something like "ugh, will he ever stop screaming? how can you listen to that? do you even understand what he sings?" -.- silly girls.xD as for Сплин, i also like Пой мне еще and Маяк (the last one is awesome because of the lyrics) HAHA OH YOU. dunno why, but i can't recall any hot Russian singer right now :D probably because they are all annoys me. Глюкоза? are you kidding me? :D This Burning Day sound brutal, tho the video is weird :D is there any Bulgarian hardcore band which sings in Bulgarian?

    15 dec 2013 Svara
  • skylark18

    Ха-ха, няма проблем. Нали ме виждаш, че и аз отговарям у кукуво лято :D Дап, започнахме от 30.09 и засега съм доволна от университета. Уцелих на готини хора за колеги и много се радвам за това най-вече. Ученето и курсовите малко suck, ама се свиква и се понася що-годе :D Да, честно казано и мен често ме заболяват очите, докато чета от монитора, но и аз го правя по същата причина, която и ти посочи въпреки че нищо не мога да сравня с четеното на истинската книга. Иии, йеп хД Четох го Здрача доста преди да се роди този фурор около него и едвам бяха чували за нея хората и тогава всъщност я приех по различен начин, отколкото сега :D Но, да, има си камара захаросани моменти, но пък за нас женските става понякога за разнообразяване и витаене в облаците :D Идеята за фейсбук наистина е доста добра - и аз по едно време щях да те питам, ама все се отнасям или ми свършват символите :D Аз съм Alex Predova :)

    5 nov 2013 Svara
  • Essence_Himself

    HELLO! No worries, I'm rarely here, too. I had crazy week, woah. How have you been? How was your Halloween? Do you have holidays? :] Yes, I'm all into post-hardcore! Though, nope, I never listen to only one, like I still love some Indie, Metal and the other genres ;) But well, hardcore rules :D I even started listening to some German bands (not Rummstein) I actually surprised that there is something I like! Aww, that's cool, do you know Сплин? I love them, also Валентин Стрыкало (Ukrainian band, know them??) I was on their gig a few days ago *---* I don't really like Земфира: don't like female vocal, especially Russian :D Are there any Bulgarian bands you like to listen to? You're right, all these bands/singers you called are so usual to me, I mean, I hear their songs really often (at public places, random radios, etc.) so, I'm bored of them. Haha, heck yeah, you should write novels :D

    1 nov 2013 Svara
  • skylark18

    Мерси много, ще ми е нужен! ^_^ (като гледам как хората плашат нас зайците :D) След 1-2 месеца може да ти отговарям с Х-ове и У-ци, beware :D Супер! Радвам се, че си си прекарал добре. То и аз с моя късен отговор вече влязох и в учебно време :D Как беше началото на новата година? На мен ми беше супер странно на 16-ти като беше първия ми "неучебен" ден и излязох на центъра и беше пълен с тийнове и аз обикалям с поглед тип педобеър. :D Може би просто не си намерил правилната книга. И аз бях по същия начин, докато попаднах случайно на и от там ми харесаха сюжетите на доста книги и се започна :D Гадното е точно, че съм абсолютно същата и аз - като почна нещо и просто трябва да го свърша, независимо какво, и го влача, зарязвам, започвам отново и asdghjkl :D Така правих сигурно 1 година с Новолуние книгата, но накраяя не можах просто - много ми дойде мрънкането на Бела и си казах Fuck this shit :D

    23 sep 2013 Svara
  • Essence_Himself

    Hell no. Let's pretend I'm a foreigner. Oh, that sucks, is she still there? Well, I wanted to learn English, but I've been told that I don't have enough points (for the exams) to study for free, but I can study on German direction instead. So, I changed the contract. Just guess, when I came home, I saw that ACTUALLY I could be studying English Linguistics for free as well (cause there entered people who had less points than I did :c) Подстава. Now I hate German, too. I'm crying over its grammar & I have doubts that I will ever learn it. But I like Germany as a country ;) Hey, das geht ab. Wir feiern die ganze Nacht, die ganze Nacht.:D Have you heard this song? So, you're going to school tomorrow, aren't you? Exciting? Lol. I forgot, what grade are you in? As for A7X album, I didn't like it. Idk, I don't listen to this genre anymore and the whole album seemed boring to me :c Though, St. James is cool! And I agree with you - the previous albums were much better!

    14 sep 2013 Svara
  • Essence_Himself

    Hellooooou! It's nice to hear from you again :P I feel like I should write you in Russian now :D But okay, English. I guess, the problem with bridges was this "main" problem you've written at the beginning, right? Or any more troubles? Awww, that's so great that you liked this city <3 I love this place! Better than Paris, rly? or...Is it just you being nice? :D HAHA well, girls will be the motivation for you to come back to Russia again ;D As for me, hmm, idk, nothing compared to your experience :D Studying year had started, and I'm at the University, studying German Linguistics. Imagine - German...I've never learnt German & I don't know a word. And now it's my main area of studying. The worst part is that I'm among people who know German very well, so I need to attend additional courses or I may be expelled :c What are you doing these days? School? c:

    6 sep 2013 Svara
  • eXtance

    Скайп и Фб имам, но ти гей приятелю мой не ми пишеш * бтв Ще идвам към Варна, wanna hook up? :D *

    14 aug 2013 Svara
  • skylark18

    Приеха ме и на двете места и в крайна сметка се записах в ТУ. Специалността ми е "Компютърно и софтуерно инженерство". Изглежда интересно, но малко съм още noob в сферата в сравнение с други хора и се надявам да не почнат от първи курс да ми говорят сякаш на арабски :D Охоо, интересни факти се разкриват за теб. Имам приятели, които са страшни фенове на Русия /+ майка ми също/ и много биха ти се зарадвали. :D Били са в Москва на лагер от училище и направо като слушам как разказват за нея, в главата ми се формира някакъв образ тип "Раят на земята". :D Говориш ли руски също? Иначе за морето - да - всъщност вчера се върнах и си прекарах страхотно. Голямо плуване му ударих, но пък и изгорях - сега ме сърби кожата :D Ха-ха, да. Да ти кажа, и аз имах нещо като оттегляне от четенето до към 9-ти/10-ти клас, защото просто го чувствах като задължение заради даскалото, но като се разрових веднъж в Интернет, видях, че има много различни книги, които може да ми харесат и пак започнах да си чета :)

    9 aug 2013 Svara
  • Essence_Himself

    me, myself and i (c) kelly lol doesn't matter! ohh, really? you're a boy, so you can't be more loser than me ANYWAY. your friends are Iron Maiden fans? the only fan of this band around me is my daddy lol nope, i'm not satisfied with the results, no way. i haven't seen anything really cool in egypt (with the exception of the sealife) 'cause we weren't allowed to go to the big cities because of the revolution. sux, yeah? but i've bought tons of postcards with these pyramids at least. no, i wasn't crying because of the boy, that was because of my own, you know. yeah, i sound kinda depressive last days c_c wow, cool! what are you gonna do there? i even forgot that you understand russian '-' i should've been practising you! :P :D i have no doubs that you'll like st. petersburg! only if the weather will spoil everything. tell me how it goes! ;)

    31 jul 2013 Svara
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