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Electric WizardBlack Butterfly Lyssnar nu
Electric WizardDevil's Bride 7 minuter sedan
Electric WizardBehemoth 16 minuter sedan
Mac DeMarcoAnnie 18 minuter sedan
Electric WizardMountains of Mars 20 minuter sedan
Mac DeMarcoFreaking Out the Neighborhood Älskad låt 21 minuter sedan
Mac DeMarcoDreaming 23 minuter sedan
Electric WizardMourning Prayer 25 minuter sedan
Mac DeMarcoCooking Up Something Good 26 minuter sedan
Electric WizardStone Magnet 30 minuter sedan
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  • biancassis

    21k de pink floyd? Porra!

    11 minuter sedan Svara
  • AnaPMGF

    Obrigada! ;-) Muito massa a sua biblioteca também.

    15 aug 22:14 Svara
  • Jordzye

    is that by Salvador or Rio? Haha yes I love a shmoke me! do you smoke? and I doubt many people have even though I live right next to the third most popular place to visit in the country. I was shocked haha

    14 aug 09:32 Svara
  • Jordzye

    I live in devon, paignton. Where all the old folks go to hibernate haha

    10 aug 22:03 Svara
  • Jordzye

    hey man sorry about the long reply. good ass taste u have 2

    6 aug 21:12 Svara
  • nomoretears_

    FIDLAR é pesado parceiro! sim, manda aí uma dica que tu achares que vou curtir de acordo com a minha biblio. Abração Thales flw

    4 aug 11:20 Svara
  • lew9six

    hey, this is my friend Kyle from England, he says he's cool with helping you out in your travels.

    1 aug 18:27 Svara
  • lew9six

    hey sorry i didn't get back to you sooner, sorry to hear about that man, that's a really shit scenario to be mixed up with in your country. yeah i have a Facebook, i'll pm you my name, i've also got a friend from England who might be able to assist you when you visit there.

    29 jul 22:45 Svara
  • RuthiLikesMusic

    thanks fer the add

    25 jul 11:04 Svara
  • lew9six

    I wouldn't be so downhearted on Northeast Brazil, the political scene isn't great i have to say, but the beaches are stunning as well as the fascinating wildlife and climate. I'm truly stunned to see you rate Scotland so highly, i guess i've just became accustom to my surroundings, it is true to say Scotland has a rich History. Where i live, its just outside a tired old fishing town and i find it hard to appreciate my surroundings any more. If you're visiting Scotland, the Scottish Highlands is the place to be, dramatic mountains and peace for miles basically untouched by man. where I live all the country is just farmland. i'd highly recommend visiting the Scandinavian countries in your European venture as well. nearer time of your travels you should keep in touch and I'll try and be of some assistance. hahaha yeah that's me dancing like an idiot at a party.

    24 jul 18:51 Svara
  • sayyouhateme

    que isso bro da nada. valeus ((:

    22 jul 21:26 Svara
  • lew9six

    i've never listened to Burzum, but I'm intrigued to read that the name is in written in Black Speech, that's very cool. i received my hard rock t-shirt from Helsinki. I'm from North east Scotland, and where in Brazil might you be from?

    21 jul 22:38 Svara
  • nomoretears_

    vc manja FIDLAR? acho que é bem a vibe que vc curte de som. se ja sacar, ouve Bleached ou hunx and his punx. abraçao

    21 jul 12:10 Svara
  • Svartvis

    hello, man^^ thanks for adding one more time. how is?

    18 jul 13:30 Svara
  • heyvikky

    Eu estou ótima :) Vc mora aonde?

    16 jul 19:00 Svara
  • Armyofme_02

    Really nice taste : D if you have some suggestions , please let me know :)

    13 jul 20:14 Svara
  • lew9six

    Jesus i just noticed the face. i can understand how people believed in trolls, if you gaze into the cliffs, faces do indeed appear.

    10 jul 22:21 Svara
  • lew9six

    nice Theodor Kittelsen picture. while i was in Norway i purchased a small book called 'Norwegian Folk Tales' the cover featured 'White Bear King Valemon' which is a pretty great painting but not so great story in my opinion. i think i'll use it on my profile, Good day.

    10 jul 22:19 Svara
  • MadAzAHatter

    omg!... take a look at the last tag Mr Lindberg ---> Crystal Castles.... i can see you smiling and shaking your head

    9 jul 21:17 Svara
  • MadAzAHatter

    Part 2: future... btw, i'm already a big fan of Godspeed You! Black Emperor.... i purchased F♯ A♯ ∞ on vinyl some time ago... it was this recording that i sought out due to the fact that it was heavily influenced by Slint's Spiderland... i still listen to F♯ A♯ ∞ and just sit back in amazement at what they achieved on their very first outing

    9 jul 19:42 Svara
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"I thought the most beautiful thing in the world must be shadow."

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