How to revive your loved tracks and personal tag radios using Tomahawk


25 mar 2011, 21:08

Tomahawk is a brand new "media player"; 0.0.1 was released today. You can get it at

Basically, you add your Tomahawk-using friends via their Google/Jabber accounts, and you are then able to stream music from them. There is much, much more to Tomahawk than just reviving your loved tracks radio, but this is what I am going to cover in this tutorial.

0. If you do not already have Tomahawk:
After you have installed Tomahawk you have to configure it. The first window you will see is the Settings window. Enter your Jabber account name (you can use your Google account, or register at and your password. You can ignore the network settings for now - you can go back to them if you're having problems connecting to your friends.

Next, go to the "Local music" tab and select the path where Tomahawk should search for music on your computer. Everything Tomahawk finds here will be added to your collection.

The next tab,, should be self-explanatory. Enter your username and password to scrobble.

Press OK and Tomahawk will start adding files to your collection. This can take a couple minutes.

In the meanwhile, go to the menu bar at the top, Network --> Jabber --> Add friend and add some of your Jabber/Google friends that are also using Tomahawk. If you do not have any friends who would like to test Tomahawk with you, you can send me a message and I'll might be your friend for a couple of hours :)

The friend will have to accept you from his favorite Jabber client (i.e. Google Talk) to show up in Tomahawk. (Note that you do not actually need friends to use Tomahawk or even get your loved tracks radio back, but it's nice to have some friends to stream from :))

1. Add your loved tracks playlist to Tomahawk
Go to your loved tracks page on located here:

Press the "Export Loved Tracks" button to the left, and choose XSPF as format. Download the file and save it on your computer.

Now go to Tomahawk, in the menu, press playlist --> Load XSPF... Enter the path to the file on your computer, for example "C:\Users\Pal\Desktop\Tecfan_lovedtracks.xspf".

Larger version:

The playlist is now created and can be seen under your nick in the left side of the screen (you might have to press the arrow next to your nick).

And that's basically it. You now have all your loved tracks in a playlist. As you can see, my loved tracks playlist mostly plays songs that it has found in my own collection, but for those songs I don't have, it streams them from my friends! With enough friends, your whole loved tracks playlist should be playable from the supercollection. (With only 4 friends logged on right now, I have access to over 150 000 tracks on-demand!)

Tracks that are not found in anybody's collections are greyed out. However, there are resolvers that can stream these songs from for example YouTube. You can find these here:

You can do the same thing with any tag, personal tag and more. Download Tomahawk today and start exploring :)

2. Finito
If you need help or have questions, ask them here or go to #tomahawk on Freenode.

To be able to stream from your friends, at least one of you have to be connectable. Opening ports can be a simple solution to this. Remember that this is an early version and there will be bugs and probably frequent updates, so remember to check for updates :)

Now enjoy your loved tracks like back in the days! (After some hours of listening my profile looks like this:)

(some songs I like)

Knee Deep
Giving Head To A Shotgun
Peace Loving Man
Heir to the Throne
Truth Sets In
Vato (feat. B-Real)
Kettle's On
All alone in the castle
Bicycle Race
As Far As The Mind Can See, Part 3: They Know We Know
Mr. Blue Sky
Sometimes They Stay, Sometimes They Go
Generator ^ First Floor
Almost As Cool As Stealing Prosthetic Legs
Freak Out!
Guns & Ammo
When the War Ends


  • muesli

    Nice "howto" :-)

    25 mar 2011, 21:32
  • Alainn

    Thanks! Spreading the word :)

    25 mar 2011, 21:36
  • akrde

    Great, thanks! :)

    26 mar 2011, 11:41
  • Alainn

    Well, I've done the tests with Tomahawk today and these are the results so far: * Installed it on my primary PC (XP, 50000 tracks) and it was slow as hell ("Tomahawk does not respond"-constantly). The option underneath Network shows only "Go Online" so I can't add contacts, status says I'm online. * Installed on my netbook (XP, 400 tracks) and it was fairly responsive but still no option to connect but it did see the primary PC but playback stuttered. Clicking the "Go online"-option now disconnects me. * Installed it on my old test-server (XP, 1000 tracks) also fairly responsive, also no connect to the outside but all local machines see each other. * Looked through documentation and saw the option to add resolvers ( Downloaded+unzipped into Tomahawk-folder, added the separate resolver-files (Skreemr, AOL and Youtube) in Tomahawk. * Created playlist Top Tracks tagged with "jazz" (100 tracks) and it found about 90% on Skreemr. * Imported someones Loved-list (504 tracks) and now (after some time) it has found half of the tracks on Skreemr and I can play those to listen to. * Imported a second list (5196 tracks) and the app is slowly finding tracks on Skreemr. => Skreemr-resolver installation is crucial Things to test this evening: * Ubuntu version On a side-note: working with three 22"-screens is essential to do tests like this ^_^

    26 mar 2011, 18:39
  • Tecfan

    Yeah, Tomahawk works best with 5-7 friends. You'll find much of the stuff you want in your friend's collections. Tomahawk has not been tested or developed for XP at all, so it might not be optimal

    26 mar 2011, 19:50
  • akrde

    On Windows 7 (Professional 64Bit SP1) Tomahawk is very responsive and no stuttered playback here. But Playdar is very unstable for me atm, sometimes it resolves unresolved tracks against Skreemr, but most of the time it doesn't. Never saw it resolving tracks against AOL or Youtube resolver. Sent a bug report to Chris, hopefully this will be fixed soon.

    31 mar 2011, 08:41
  • Tecfan

    I don't think the youtube resolver works on Windows yet

    31 mar 2011, 09:09
  • muesli

    If you like Tomahawk, join the "Tomahawk Player" group on!

    1 apr 2011, 05:23
  • Tecfan


    1 apr 2011, 05:51
  • Alainn

    Update: I had it connect through my Google-account and the other machines through my jabber-account but for some reason left out the Now it works just fine.

    1 apr 2011, 15:37
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