Janet Jackson Rocks Witchu @ The Allstate Arena!


15 okt 2008, 14:17

Janet Jackson's "Rock Witchu" Tour: Review

I personally went to Janet Jackson's concert and it was amazing! Read my excerpt of my review below!

Recently, the critically-acclaimed superstar Janet Jackson lit up the Allstate Arena September 25th, Thursday night. After seven long years and three albums later Janet Jackson has decided to tour once again to give her fans that “nasty” flavor she never fails to deliver. Miss Jackson sparked the stage with her high-tech space themed show, in the opening with three of her classic hit singles, “The Pleasure Principle,” “Control,” and “What Have You Done for Me Lately,” from her 1986 breakthrough album, Control, moving to the original choreography from her 20 year material. With strobe-lights beamed across the stage, fog cloaking the appearing nine dancers, transitional runway-like stage, pyrotechnics blasting from the crown and base of the stage, and beautiful visualizations to enhance the mood, Jackson showed the true return of a professional performer.

After Jackson yelled, “You want this?” to her crazed fans the crowd continuously roared intensifying the mood as well as her energy. Jackson selected a lucky fan to help her execute her performance to, “Discipline,” a track from her latest album Discipline. The chosen audience member screeched cries from the stage amusing the crowd with surreal moment with Jackson. The outer-realm themed show was astonishingly designed. Jackson played two characters during her performance. She acted as a “Darth-Vader” like character trying to disrupt the festive times in the show, which lead to her hardcore songs like “Black Cat.” She also acted as a computerized angelic spirit trying to keep the peace leading to slow rhythmic jams like “Let’s Wait Awhile.” Jackson jammed through over 30 chart-topping hits dressed in nine different spacey ensemble costumes. The musical icon known as Janet Jackson is proving her relevance in the entertainment industry once again with sensual music and astounding choreography. Her 2008 “Rock Withchu Tour” certainly proves that she still has “it”.

RATING: 5 out of 5 stars


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