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  The Rocket Summer Taggad mars 2008
  EVE 6 Taggad februari 2008
  A Change Of Pace Taggad december 2007
  Silverstein Taggad september 2007
  JamisonParker Taggad september 2007
  Brand New Taggad september 2007
  The Summer Obsession Taggad september 2007
  Alkaline Trio Taggad september 2007
  American Football Taggad augusti 2007
  Taking Back Sunday Taggad augusti 2007
  Straylight Run Taggad augusti 2007
  Sunny Day Real Estate

Seattle, Washington, USA (1992 – 1995, 1997 – 2001, 2009 – nuvarande)

Taggad augusti 2007
  Say Anything Taggad augusti 2007
  Kevin Devine Taggad augusti 2007
  PlayRadioPlay! Taggad juli 2007
Dashboard ConfessionalHope You're Happy Älskad låt Taggad juli 2007
Taking Back SundayMakeDamnSure Älskad låt Taggad juli 2007
Armor for SleepSlip Like Space Älskad låt Taggad juli 2007
Brand NewGood to Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have to Do Is Die Älskad låt Taggad juli 2007