Sooo Stressed out


14 jan 2011, 17:54

I have so much homework to do, so much reading to do, i will be locked up in my room, and i know that this is all for benefit of my future. Most college students go out and party and they seem to have an excuse, "Oh its Thirsty Thursday"... well i concur. My thirsty Thursday consist of coffee and endless reading about modern and contemporary art. i love what I do, and i don't want to spoil my future with going to class hungover and reeking of booze, not remembering what chapter 13 was about.
Kudos for those who can contain this lifestyle. But as for me, i see things more clearly.
Rule #1: No play, until work is finished.
Rule #2:Make sure rule number one is not broken.

For my stressful weekend, this is what my ears will be ringing of:

Over The Pond


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