Top Ten Survey


11 dec 2007, 22:14

List your top ten artists, then list your favorite three songs by each.

1. Jonas Brothers
- Still in Love with You
- Inseparable
- Goodnight And Goodbye

2. James Marsters
- Looking At You
- Louise
- This Town

3. Green Day
- 80
- Deadbeat Holiday
- Paper Lanterns

OH WOW............ I could never choose 3 Green Day songs EVER that are my favorite. They're all my favorite, lol. ;[ So these are three of my faves.

4. Ghost of the Robot
- Goodnight Sweet Girl
- She Likes Rap Grooves
- It's Nothing

Though they have been broken up since 2003, they are still one of my favorite bands ever and these are only three of my favorites, but they are definitely up there.

5. Hanson
- Yearbook
- Go
- The Walk
- Georgia

So I cheated but... it's really hard. Those change sometimes too.

6. Backseat Goodbye
- Hey
- Technicolor Eyes
- If I Don't

7. Good Charlotte
- Seasons
- My Bloody Valentine
- Say Anything

8. HIM
- It's All Tears (Drown In This Love)
- Beyond Redemption
- Sleepwalking Past Hope

AHHHHH, this was hard too! There are SO many HIM songs I adore... but these make the top five.

9. U2
- Mofo
- A Man and a Woman
- New Year's Day

OH WOW... this was just as hard as Green Day. Impossible to choose. Stop trying to make me!

10. Sum 41
- With Me
- Heart Attack
- Handle This


  • HaroldCrick

    I totally understand what you mean about not being able to choose three Green Day songs. Between The Beatles, My Chemical Romance, & Hanson I almost didn't do the survey, LMFAO. I couldn't choose. I'm proud of myself for knowing Looking at You by James Marsters. ;) Such a cute song. Goodnight Sweet Girl is lovely, too. I'm ashamed that Motion City Soundtrack isn't in my top 10. Anyway. I'm also ashamed that I've never heard your favorite HIM songs. I suck. I love you.

    12 dec 2007, 04:07
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