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things to do: read a book. make friends. lose friends. change your mind. kill your idols. be a role model. stop accepting lies. stop reading newspaper. stop watching tv. think. think again. quit smoking. have a cigarette. have a beer. be straight edge. visit a slaughterhouse. go vegan. write an essay. write a manifesto. talk to people. be part of a community. walk places. quit your job. turn off the stereo. pet a dog. be an enemy. lose your gods. protest. vote. vote for no one. ask questions-lots of them. smile more. smile less. notice people. get the fuck away from your computer. affect change. be part of something. make assumptions. smash assumptions. bomb a franchise. break a lease. re-sign a lease. do your laundry. burn your journal. reminisce. see all sides of an argument. start a band. write a letter. free someone. make mistakes. be sarcastic. be understanding. clear the air. ride a bike. understand fully the consquences of your actions...until we question the reality we´ve been force-fed since birth we can´t begin to understand the state we´re in. taught only to be good workers, we learn to perpetuate the system we´ve been born into. truth is subjective; create your own.

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