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My Bloody ValentineCigarette in Your Bed 8 timmar sedan
SlowdiveWatch Me 21 jul 22:55
SlowdiveWatch Me 21 jul 22:55
SlowdiveSome Velvet Morning 21 jul 21:08
SlowdiveSome Velvet Morning 21 jul 21:08
SlowdiveDagger 21 jul 21:05
SlowdiveDagger 21 jul 21:05
SlowdiveMelon Yellow 21 jul 21:01
SlowdiveMelon Yellow 21 jul 21:01
SlowdiveAltogether 21 jul 20:57
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  • Squaredeath

    you go girl!

    21 jun 05:59 Svara
  • Squaredeath

    you go girl!

    25 okt 2012 Svara
  • Buttsnake

    Riff Raff.

    30 sep 2012 Svara
  • Buttsnake

    You are listening to some awesome 90s girl jams this evening.

    27 maj 2012 Svara
  • adamcegan

    Hey, I noticed you posted a URL for Brad Mehldau's cover of Sufjan Steven's song "Holland." Mediashare doesn't have the file anymore. Do you know where I can get it??

    20 nov 2011 Svara
  • chbussolini

    ╔════════════════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ═══════════════════════╗ ---------Repost this if you are a beautiful strong black woman who don’t need no man----------- ╚════════════════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ═══════════════════════╝

    3 okt 2011 Svara
  • dondempezar

    I had already seen.

    17 jun 2010 Svara
  • dondempezar

    Hey! I saw your post about Brad doin' a cover on Holland. I tried to download it from the link you posted, but it's dead. :(

    15 jun 2010 Svara


    4 sep 2009 Svara
  • solidfood

    Hey! its ThatFood from

    11 aug 2009 Svara
  • gennyisrad

    are those conor makes me oberst shirts for sale?! haha.

    26 jun 2009 Svara
  • mochi28

    OH MY GOD I'M SORRY. Please forgive me or I'll be forced to commit ritual suicide. Hahaha that's so perfect. Oooh I've used sound studio before, I think it's the first recording anything I messed with.

    27 maj 2009 Svara
  • mochi28

    Thanks! That's really good to hear because I tend to feel rather cynically towards older stuff and that page is a little dated. Here are more things: http://www.[spam] I hope they're good also, that way I'll know I'm not directionally misled. Also! You're music seems more jazz than post-rock. What do you use to record? The T-shirt in the photo is kind of amazing.

    27 maj 2009 Svara
  • mochi28

    Erriot, I see Nick listening to your music; where can I find this?

    26 maj 2009 Svara
  • jaggy0

    1. Southern Point 2. Two Weeks 3. All We Ask 4. Fine for Now 5. Cheerleader 6. Dory 7. Ready, Able 8. About Face 9. Hold Still 10. While You Wait for the Others 11. I Live With You 12. Foreground // New Grizzly Bear on May 26th. //

    3 apr 2009 Svara
  • hurtingpeople

    hello elliot, this is james the drummer fomr hurting people. i noticed there is a of us. i was ust wondering if it was you who did it and how do i go about getting things on the site?

    24 mar 2009 Svara
  • nukumi

    maybe i will now that the new anamanaguchi has leaked...

    1 feb 2009 Svara
  • doddski

    nah.. i wish though. this kid just looks so pumped about his plastic goggles. if supported animated avatars i'd use and i did make that one.

    26 jan 2009 Svara
  • ohdinosaur

    o o i am so bad at making chronological sense of albums! i always listen to albums without ever knowing which came when and how old they are.. and i am usually completely unaware of album releases! i shall listen to it as soon as i can, though, i promise! also, my first impression of department of eagles is that they are quite nice! i must listen to them more, though.

    22 okt 2008 Svara
  • ohdinosaur

    i will definitely give it a listen! haven't heard from you in a very long time :)

    22 okt 2008 Svara
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