Damn that was good >_<


3 jun 2007, 21:57

Fri 1 Jun – Salem, Betzefer, Prey For Nothing

Well, after this guy (http://www.last.fm/user/nosyg/) posted his review, i had to say it too - that was goddamn good >_<

We arrived haifa at about 20:30, and waited till 21:30 to get in.. pretty annoying :o

First off, Prey For Nothing went on stage, and they were really really good, and im gonna listen to them as soon as i can get my hands on some stuff >:

Then Betzefer came onstage with Fuckin' Rock 'N' Roll, and some great stuff from DownLow. The best part was with Early Grave, where i just couldnt stop headbanging :D.
after some new songs and all from them, Salem came.
Although i didn't recognized some songs, the songs i did recognized were really good - Flames, Eyes To Match A Soul, Amonia, and damn - Blood ><. blood is really really really good. especially live! >:o

so keep on headbanging :D
(my neck still hurts ;[)


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