• The Shins @ Rock En Seine 2007

    27 aug 2007, 14:56

    I just saw The Shins live this friday at Rock en Seine, and I must say that I was utterly impressed.

    I love their music, of course (thank you Garden State), but when I first heard that they were going to play for this famous festival, I was not really moved.

    I didn't think that their often subtle yet enjoyable music was meant for being played in open air.

    It was great being proved wrong !

    The set they played this evening was really strong, from 'Australia' (a personal favourite :) to 'Kissing The Lipless' and the mix 'Pam Berry' + 'Phantom Limb'.

    The nice thing was that they didn't only play songs from 'Wincing The Night Away', but also from the other 2 previous albums.

    The audience was really receptive, and was moving along the songs.
    The band seemed to have great fun on stage, and were full of energy (especially the second guitar player who was jumping everywhere :)

    To conclude , I thought the set was really fitting into this kind of concert, but waaaaay too SHORT !
    I mean, 40 minutes is really not enough, especially when it's Shins goodness.

    Guess I will have to see them at a real concert now !

    The Shins

    Wincing the Night Away

    Chutes Too Narrow


    Rock En Seine
  • Under The Blacklight

    22 aug 2007, 19:59

    I just got the much awaited (at least by me :) 4th album from Rilo Kiley, 'Under The Blacklight'.

    Now, since I'm a big fan and I will see them live very soon, I decided to give my feelings about this CD.

    I've already read some reviews, by critics and listeners, and to my surprise, they were very negative, for most anyway.

    Me ? I loved this album.

    Sure, it's not the old indie Rilo Kiley that I discovered and loved, but change can be nice right ?

    Of course, this album is clearly an attempt to reach out to more commercial markets ; Some of the songs are produced by Mike Elizondo, which I'm really not enthusiastic about (I still remember what he did to Extraordinary Machine)

    But it's still good music, more present than the previous albums and also more polished.

    The lyrics, a strength of the previous albums, are still of the same quality, and the more restrained voice of Jenny Lewis only helps it. Her voice is really this band's biggest asset.

    Throughout the songs, what I really appreciated was that the band didn't stick to one genre ; they experienced : see Breakin'Up, Dreamworld, and of course, Dejalo. When hearing them, you can't go and say "Hey ! I recognize it ! It's Rilo Kiley of course!"

    So, while I understands what the negative critics are saying (especially the one from Pitchfork, which I found really harsh), I believe that this album is vowed to be the kind you hate or you love ; I also think that this album will clearly divide the fans.

    It's an album that gets speaked about. And that is good for the band.

    Rilo KileyUnder The BlacklightMore Adventurous
  • I like to make lists

    16 jul 2007, 22:56

    I figured, why not make a list of my favorite ten songs ?

    I've thought about it long and hard, and it will probably have changed by the minute I write this down (10 is awfully short when you think about it), but here is my list of my favorite 10 songs of all time :

    Elista - La Vie A Deux

    The Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)

    Nightwish - Sleeping Sun

    The Cardigans - Erase / Rewind

    Muse - Muscle Museum

    Massive Attack - Teardrop

    Fiona Apple - Shadowboxer

    The Arcade Fire - Wake Up

    Radiohead - Karma Police

    Garbage - Push It

    There. I know I forgot some, or I will have changed my mind in 2 days, but it took me a long time to make it :)
    Feel free to comment

    The Arcade Fire
    The Cardigans
    Fiona Apple
    Massive Attack