• 80s "Teen" Movie Soundtracks

    17 maj 2011, 18:45

    I'm an absolute sucker for 80s "teen" movies. I put the 'teen' in quotes because although that is who they were marketed to when they were released, they aren't just for teens.

    You name it, I've seen it, and I'm not just talking about the mainstream ones.

    There are a lot of people who will quickly say that the 80s was one of the worst decades for music. I would gladly disagree with that claim. Those people were clearly not listening to the right kind of music.

    I only got to experience 7 months in the 80s personally, but it is my favourite decade for movies and music.

    I remember two years ago, when I heard that John Hughes passed away. His movies had such an influence on me that I felt the urge to have a movie marathon in his honor. I watched everything from Breakfast Club to Weird Science (and everything in between). It was a good weekend.

    One of my favourite things about watching these kinds of movies is listening to the soundtracks. John Hughes and Cameron Crowe come to mind when I think of directors who put a lot of thought into their soundtracks. They would only put songs into their movies if they personally liked the songs. John Hughes would often feature indie bands that had rarely been heard of prior to the movie. And of course, Cameron Crowe had mad music connections!

    So which movie soundtracks stand out in my mind? It's hard to just narrow it down to one or two movies. I'll probably create a playlist taking only one song from each of the 80s teen movies that I own, but right now I will mention that my top three songs that I think of are:

    1. Eyes of a Stranger - Payolas from Valley Girl
    2. If You Leave - OMD from Pretty in Pink
    3. Somebody's Baby - Jackson Browne from Fast Times at Ridgemont High

    Those were just the first three that popped into my head (and were from different movies).

    Nowadays movie soundtracks are just songs thrown into the movie, but back then, the music was part of the story. Just throwing in any old song wouldn't produce the same emotions in the scene as the ones that were meticulously chosen for by people like Hughes and Crowe.

    Aaaaaaaand now I want to do another marathon ;)
  • Zee Avi and Ukulele Tunes

    17 maj 2011, 03:31

    I started casually playing the ukulele in February. With the exception of singing, I do not consider myself to be overly skilled with instruments. I wish I were, but unfortunately, it takes a lot more effort than most other skills.

    My ears seem to find joy in chill, folk-type music, so the uke is very pleasing (when played correctly). The uke, however, is not a very mainstream instrument, so it is difficult to find artists who truly embrace it.

    I'm not entirely sure how I came across the following video. I do know it was the product of clicking several different youtube recommendations, but I don't know what started it. But, have a listen/watch:

    Okay, so not only is the video kind of awesome (feat. Shirley Manson and Elijah Wood), but the music instantly grabbed me! I recognize that happy little twang! It was, in fact, a ukulele!

    That was just one song by Zee Avi, but I decided to check out some more of her stuff, and it was all equally pleasing! I instantly decided to get her album, Zee Avi.

    She has another EP coming out in July and I am very excited for it. She already has a youtube following (since that was how she was discovered). But she still is an unknown name amongst my friends (this is nothing new, considering most have atrocious musical tastes).

    Zee Avi and her ukulele have easily made their way to the top of my list! It's interesting that almost all of my favourite artists are discovered via crazy random happenstances!!

    One of the best things that came from discovering her, is that I now have a bunch of new songs I can learn on the uke!!

    Until next time ;)
  • Selena Gets It Together

    17 maj 2011, 03:00

    I finally have found the time to update both my iPod and iTunes library. I purged everything I no longer love from both and wiped my iPod clean. I look forward to using now that it will reflect my current musical tastes.

    My profile is bare right now, but it will definitely not stay that way very long.