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  • todesengel109

    Happy New Year !!! 2011 !!! ;)))

    januari 2011
  • DyingHarmony

    Nice music taste..greetings from czech:))

    mars 2010
  • ElectroDark_xX

    hello ! =)

    februari 2010
  • todesengel109

    Hallo Lorraine !!! ;)

    februari 2010
  • Super-chris08

    hola! hows you?

    januari 2010
  • NanaQ

    hey neighbour with a very very nice music taste! :)

    juli 2009
  • EBM_SkinHead

    Very nice playlist^^

    mars 2009
  • Synthetic_Engel

    Blutengel, very nice :D

    mars 2009
  • Beata2612

    Beatka2612@wp.pl Thanks :)

    mars 2009
  • Beata2612

    Hey. Can you send me "L'Âme Immortelle - Aus den Ruinen" ? Because i cant find it :P

    mars 2009
  • kurwaaa

    ; O

    november 2008
  • CyberneticChaos

    We're neighbours.. Hi girl! :D

    november 2008
  • BioNeon

    ehi! yes I was at infest :D do you recognize me? o.O?

    oktober 2008
  • Ganonfighter_16

    Hi, do you can speak german? Im from germany and i like Knorkator much :)

    september 2008
  • Gennady_Rudko

    Hello!..You have a good music taste)I am sorry for my English,I'm russian...

    augusti 2008
  • SSSabina85

    good stuff here! respect....

    juli 2008
  • Alex_van_EnEmy

    it's nice to see girl who listenes such music, gothic doesn't die

    juli 2008
  • tini636

    Yeah - IMH unplugged - my fave...

    maj 2008
  • dj_marc_g

    Ello there, hope u're well today - cheers for the add, DJ Marc xx

    mars 2008
  • RoseRed47

    Nice to see someone else in the UK has a good taste in music lol :)

    februari 2008
  • gavenmx

    Excellent choice !

    december 2007
  • djsatansfury

    Bacon ftw!

    november 2007
  • darkerradio

    Cool ;) There are 2 free albums for download on the bands homepage and the new one is on the way. If you like just go to www.allmyfaults.com

    oktober 2007
  • Missing-Dreams

    hi. can you send me the akustik version by the song of blutengel: die with you? these will be really ncie :) sorry, my english is miserable.

    september 2007
  • F_GX

    You are Lorraine and you are 18 years old.

    maj 2007
  • ch9zn


    april 2007
  • Ichigon


    april 2007
  • Gezzaia

    Hi. I thought you might like Makine. :)

    april 2007
  • NeuroticAlien

    hi there, nice taste in music ;) We got a super compatibility ^^ Rock on!

    mars 2007
  • KEGS5000

    Great Music!!! I thought I was the only person in the UK who loves that stuff!!! LOL

    mars 2007
  • Tealtraum

    Yes! And I can see myself for like 3 seconds during Ohne Dich =D It's an awesome dvd (set!), you'll love it =)

    november 2006
  • Tealtraum

    Hey I haven't used my shoutbox for ages lol..you looking forwards to Volkerball?

    november 2006
  • Zappelkaefer

    If you like german-rock/metal listen to Janus. Great stuff, sometimes also orchestral. Love it ^^

    augusti 2006
  • das_eisenherz

    Endstation.Eden is okay, its a best of of the 4 first album, many good songs. However, in my opinion, the best album came just after it, a.Ura und das Schnecken.Haus. If you want to hear some stuff from it just contact me :P

    juli 2006
  • das_eisenherz

    best band ever in my opinion :D what CD did you order? they are all extremely different from each other!

    juli 2006
  • deroomph

    Thanks! :D I really like your music taste too! :)

    juli 2006
  • das_eisenherz

    whoo, awesome taste! you liked GlaubeLiebeTod a lot didn't you? :P

    juli 2006
  • hugothje

    Hey, good to see you've got Barbara Streisand on 13 in your top artists list... otherwise niiiice list

    juni 2006
  • CentraIndustria

    Great taste in music here. <3 Woo a Jock. Go Scotland. [/random]

    juni 2006
  • Tealtraum

    Yes! Oomph! are amazing. You have great taste yourself-I think it was about this time last year I saw Rammstein in Glasgow, were you there? I've seen them 6 times :D

    juni 2006
  • PeteyPal

    Some amazing music there! =P

    maj 2006