• Album chart 2011

    30 dec 2011, 03:01

    2011 has been an outstanding music year for me personally. I got to know and through this amazing site a bunch of new awesome musicians and 'hidden' albums and tracks from musicians I was already fond of.

    #1 James Blake - James Blake

    I never thought an album like this would take my fancy. It is in its own way very minimalistic and yet so full of musical impressions. The simple beats and heavy bass sounds throughout the album shape a perfect sound. The simplicity of the beats pays its tribute to Blake's soul voice which without any doubt completes an outstanding album that brought some very original to the big music scene. Especially The Wilhelm Scream and the two songs Lindisfarne I and Lindisfarne II show Blake's versatility. Definitely the album that surprised me the most in a very positive way. James Blake has also been very active which is a gigantic plus. The internet swells with EP's by Blake. With all these new songs and EP's Blake has had a busy year and still he has found space to many concerts where he not only showed his new material but also great talent as a life performer. Blake's perfomance live is at the same high quality as his début album.

    #2 Bon Iver - Bon Iver

    Personally my favourite artist but that is not the only reason the album is ranked so high. Justin Vernon took a big step away from his début album that got him so much recognition by fellow musicians as well as reviewers. He and his band took folk music to a new level which Perth that is one of the strongest songs on the album shows. The time for reflection and excavation has its place in the beautiful and yet so simple song Wash.. Let there be no doubt that Bon Iver's new album is an new creating and new thinking album in the folk genre. An album I keep returning to with so much joy and will for many decades. Every time I hear it I find a new special little feature in one of the songs. Refreshing new sounds from (in my oppinion) the father of folk.

    #3 The Throne - Watch the Throne

    This strong rap album hit me at the speed of light. Funny enough it is not an album that adds anything new to the huge world of rap nor does it sound like the good old fashion rap. Kanye West has definitely played a crucial part when the beats were made. They are without a doubt put together in ways no one could have imagined. The expectations were sky high and both rappers are able to deliver some solid lyrics and performance. Even Kanye finds some space for self-irony on New Day which shows some soul-searching from the two rappers. On the other end of the scale we find a song like Who Gon Stop Me where both rappers show arrogance. Truly a masterpiece I turn to when I want to hear some 2011 rap.

    #4 James Vincent McMorrow - Early In The Morning

    McMorrow knocked me off my feet. His background reminds a little like Justin Vernon's when he decided to make his début album. This album shows a beautiful voice backed up by some exquisite instruments. The album has many different songs that show McMorrow from various perspectives. The album has a little touch of pop-folk which does not bother at all. The song We Don't Eat is definitely one of the greatest songs on the album while From the Woods!! shows McMorrow's span inside the frame of folk. No doubt this album took me by surprise; specially when my first thought of McMorrow was very bad and the foundation of these thoughts was very poor.

    #5 Adele - 21

    This year was really the breakthrough for Adele and I as well directed my attention to her second album. An album that has its foundation in a beautiful, strong, smooth, warm, delicious, talented voice. The music is very catchy and the lyrics fit to a lot of the listeners which includes me. Especially Adele's voice caught me. I cannot describe it better than written above. When Adele turns down the tempo in her songs I felt and still feel embraced by her voice and often it gives me the chills. The choir that embraces Adele's beautiful voice in One and Only and Take It All is amazing and the more thoughtful album closer Someone Like You is truly a masterpieces. Some bloopers on the album but mostly songs with a big touch of Adele's soul and an even bigger touch of her personality. Her voices has an incredible span considering her young age. Hopefully this is one masterpiece out of many.