80s ambient black metal american thrash metal atmospheric black metal avantgarde black metal black metal black thrash metal black-metal with the fire-speed of a mg42 and the power of heavy ship-artillery blackened death metal blackened thrash metal blackgaze brutal death metal brutal thrash metal classic rock crossover crossover thrash crossover thrash metal danish black metal dark folk dark metal death doom metal death metal death-thrash metal deathcore depressive black metal depressive suicidal black metal deutschpunk doom metal dsbm epic black metal epic metal finnish black metal folk folk black metal folk metal french black metal german german black metal glam metal glam rock goatgrind goregrind gothic metal grindcore groove metal hair metal hard rock hardcore hardcore punk heavy metal horror punk melancholic black metal melodic black metal melodic death metal neofolk norwegian black metal nothingcore nsbm nwobhm old school black metal old school death metal old school grindcore old school thrash metal old school trash metal oldschool black metal pagan black metal pagan metal penner thrash pflanzende jugend post-black metal post-rock power metal progressive black metal progressive metal prollpunk punk punk rock raw black metal redneck blues rock satanic black metal shock rock shoegaze slamming brutal death metal sleaze metal sleaze rock southern metal speed metal suicidal black metal swedish black metal swedish blackened thrash metal swedish death metal symphonic black metal technical brutal death metal technical death metal thrash thrash fucking metal with balls thrash metal true black metal viking metal