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AngelcorpseLustmord 3 timmar sedan
AngelcorpseShining One (Rex Luciferi) 3 timmar sedan
AngelcorpseThrall 3 timmar sedan
AngelcorpseSaints of Blasphemy 4 timmar sedan
AngelcorpseExtermination Sworn 4 timmar sedan
AngelcorpseHexensabbat Älskad låt 4 timmar sedan
AngelcorpseMachinery Of The Cleansing Igår 19:45
AngelcorpseAntichrist Vanguard Igår 19:42
AngelcorpseCredo Decimatus Igår 19:40
G.I.S.M.Anthem Igår 19:39
G.I.S.M.Nuclear Armed Hogs Igår 19:35
G.I.S.M.(Tear Their) Syphilitic Vaginas to Pieces Igår 19:33
G.I.S.M.Document One Älskad låt Igår 19:30
G.I.S.M.Nih Nightmare Älskad låt Igår 19:27
G.I.S.M.A.B.C. Weapons Älskad låt Igår 19:26
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  • ToadstoolMoon

    Have you ever checked this band out? They played fast thrash metal mixed with crossover and several other influences (like the corny Texas country in the link) and our spiritual leader Phil likes them too.

    18 jul 20:18 Svara
  • SlaveOfN1l

    Did you actually manage to get Lars into Japanese power metal? O_o

    18 jul 03:03 Svara
  • masterdepri

    Kannst du mich einfach in die Gruppe lassen? Ich verspreche, ich werde nicht trollen oder jemanden von euch paranoid machen.

    15 jul 23:40 Svara
  • noisefiend

    thanks for the recommendation in the black metal thread...those guys are awesome...I love GBK/Arghoslent-inspired black/death metal.

    12 jul 19:08 Svara
  • noisefiend

    hahahahahaha awesome top 8

    12 jul 17:40 Svara
  • jrmy-lfbv

    Hi Sath ! How you ? : D

    10 jul 03:52 Svara
  • Parabellum13x

    dat avi

    10 jul 03:41 Svara
  • Infestation_Pit

    They're great! I checked out X-Japan's Art of Life too and liked it.

    9 jul 19:43 Svara
  • Necrodyssey

    Is your avatar taken from Mnemosyne?

    9 jul 16:33 Svara
  • Romulus666

    Fav Deicide song?

    9 jul 01:47 Svara
  • Parabellum13x

    Yeah I like that whole early Japanese speed metal wave, X, Rosenfeld, Rommel, Mein Kampf, Paranoia, Flatbacker, Tokyo Yankees, I love that shit.

    4 jul 20:19 Svara
  • SlaveOfN1l

    I have that Combat is the Voice of the Heathen album, good Angelcorpse-worship from Utah of all places. I haven't listened to it in a while, but I recall Sharpy was obsessed with it for a little while

    4 jul 14:27 Svara
  • SlaveOfN1l

    It just started to feel samey after a while, the conversations, and I agree about all the drama making the place a bit uncomfortable. I see you listening to black metal, btw :3

    4 jul 14:08 Svara
  • SlaveOfN1l

    Harro fraulein, how goes it? I heard the Unholy Cult has really slowed down

    4 jul 03:10 Svara
  • Justd1e

    I did?! Gotta commit sudoku then.

    2 jul 20:00 Svara
  • Justd1e

    Stop recycling avatars :P I've got a good memory for the non important stuff :P

    2 jul 19:35 Svara
  • ToadstoolMoon

    I would have understand anything, but mediocre? He has his own style of metal with horror atmosphere that nobody ever played back then and still doesn't. I've heard people calling his music bad, but never mediocre. You're really wrong with this, sorry. Anyway, cool that you tried it and at least enjoyed some bits, I actually expected you to like it more than Mercyful Fate.

    1 jul 23:51 Svara
  • ToadstoolMoon

    It's just him imitating orgasm with some noise-making toy dagger in a phallic shape :D

    29 jun 12:09 Svara
  • ToadstoolMoon

    idolmeister is funny in an innocent way, but MP takes it to new levels with licking his anime toys and mind-boggling performance art like this (some of my art professors at the uni would probably enjoy it)

    29 jun 12:03 Svara
  • ToadstoolMoon

    You shouldn't show me Melon Pan, I wanted to take a sunday walk and now I'm stuck watching his videos, trying to understand wtf they are all about :D

    29 jun 11:43 Svara
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