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This HeatPaper Hats 7 timmar sedan
This HeatSleep 7 timmar sedan
やぎ弥勒 #3 7 timmar sedan
やぎ没落遊園地 7 timmar sedan
やぎマリリン・モンローの生まれた日 7 timmar sedan
やぎ弥勒 #2 7 timmar sedan
やぎMonster Love 7 timmar sedan
やぎ乗物百科 7 timmar sedan
やぎたまごのてんし 8 timmar sedan
やぎてんしのたまご 8 timmar sedan
やぎプール 8 timmar sedan
やぎComputer Love Älskad låt 8 timmar sedan
윤상마지막 거짓말 Igår 00:20
토이우리는 어쩌면 만약에... (Feat. 윤상) Igår 00:16
토이우리는 어쩌면 만약에... (Feat. 윤상) Igår 00:13
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  • brofessoroak

    Hello! I've really been excellent, thank you for asking. The best I've been in a long time. And it sounds like you're doing well, which I'm glad to hear. I hope everyting keeps going well between you and this girl! Are you still sending each other those long messages? This 'work experience' thing sounds like fun. Is this the sort of thing you want to do after school? I am currently going to school online and studying history for the puropse of eventually become a teacher. I have to go online until I can work everything out and get into the local school, which should happen by next semester. I'm eyeballing this intern position at the local international school. I really hope I can get in there its just about my dream job. I'm affraid I don't much care for R. Stevie Moore, although I haven't actually bothered to listen to a full album of his. I'm not sure I 'get' the appeal to be honest.

    11 aug 04:57 Svara
  • Mobzy

    i'm going to steal all your music, sorry!

    31 jul 05:14 Svara
  • brofessoroak

    Okay, good. Wow! Are you still talking to this girl? Sounds fairly serious! I'm happy for you hope it all keeps going well. Why would I "feel bad" that your messages are really long though? (lol) I'm sorry not sure what else to say …ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ

    22 jun 19:46 Svara
  • OhManItsReverie

    Didn't know that about the surnames. Kind of interesting to hear about Dickers, actually. Even if it's just about them digging ditches and dikes. Your surname meaning sounds cool, as well. I haven't picked up a guitar in a week or so. Been getting bored of most everything lately. I really hate it. Losing some of my hearing is also paying a toll on my mind. I can barely sit straight sometimes now because the maddening softness of loud noises is causing me to just wish to hear more. Been almost tempted to hit my head a lot already. Progressively starting to feel worse. Oh well. If it's something that you yourself aren't too fond of that you tried to try out then I won't pinch your arms about it. What have you been up to?

    17 jun 16:44 Svara
  • brofessoroak

    I hope this lump isn't anything serious either. You always seem to be ill. I see. Cute anecdotes, thanks for telling me. I feel like I 'owe' you a few pictures now since you've shown me several of you. Maybe I'll take some when I get the time. And good to hear about this girl! Hope it keeps working out for you! And yes I am moving and the house I am moving into needs some repairs so I am unsure of how long it will be before I am properly set up. Does that make sense? Anyways sorry for this reply being soterribly uninteresting I had to write it in between packing up boxes and what not. c ya round

    30 maj 20:06 Svara
  • JorgeGabriel20

    Hi! I'm from Brasil!! Add me?!

    30 maj 14:05 Svara
  • brofessoroak

    also see ya around! i will likely be without regular accesses to a computer for quite some time (a month or more perhaps). stay safe and have fun

    28 maj 03:17 Svara
  • brofessoroak

    Ohayou Sam! That sounds like an awful long time to go before getting that checked, to me at least. Is that like a normal time frame? Hope its okay. I have long considered the interpals thing but so far I haven't done it because I didn't actually think anyone would wanna talk to me lol. I'm glad its working out for you though. I don't mean to sound rude, so sorry if this comes out that way, but like why are they talking to you? I don't mean it as anything personal against you or anything I guess I just can't understand why a "cute asian girl" would want to talk to some random western male over the internet. Wouldn't the language barrier be an issue? And like what do you talk about? sorry im probably just being dumb

    23 maj 22:06 Svara
  • OhManItsReverie

    That's pretty funny and neat at the same time, about the BBC shows. We don't know. My dad asked my grandfather before, but my dad has told us nothing. My eldest sisters and I wish we knew our father's extended family. My dad and sisters go by Dicker. Do you know any body who is a Dicker? We'd love to know if you do! You have relatives in Canada? Distant in blood ties or? I've been playing guitar on and off for about four years. I try to learn theory, but, as bad is it is, I get really bored of it and just want to play whatever I feel and like. You know? Well, don't let that stop you. The guitar is really fun and is a really good catharsis, I find. I sing some things in my head that's been troubling me when I play guitar sometimes. It's really, really good. You're welcome. Are you into emo or punk or anything? I find that those styles of music help me get motivated to play guitar. No skill, but fun. Heheh.

    20 maj 01:54 Svara
  • OhManItsReverie

    Hey. How's it been?

    4 maj 04:50 Svara
  • brofessoroak

    Well I do hope they end up fixing your jaw. It's been like this for far too long. So why exactly have you decided against talking to that girl? Because she calls herself a Biromantic asexual (whatever that means)? I dunno, I mean as silly as that might sound you guys could still get along. Whatever though. I'm sure you don't want to take advice from me. I think I remember you bringing up this Japanese boy before. Is Facebook the only way you know of to contact him? I'm sure he'd like to hear from you.

    19 apr 16:56 Svara
  • OhManItsReverie

    You may like this. Not sure.

    17 apr 00:21 Svara
  • OhManItsReverie

    Didn't know that they shot it in Wales. My dad's family is from Wales. I've been okay/good. Just with my girlfriend most of the time and working. Trying to listen to music here and there. Usually don't go onto Last.FM when I do listen to music. I find that I'm losing interest in everything lately. Maybe I need a break from my girlfriend, but I don't know. Makes me unexplainably happy yet, at the same time, I am really confused. Been playing guitar as of late. Not really learning anything, just trying to enjoy it. I actually made something that I would play for a good while. Helps when I'm sad, I guess. Some type of catharsis.

    17 apr 00:18 Svara
  • OhManItsReverie

    oh well. I really enjoyed what I heard, anyway. I listened to a couple of samples of Amaryllis and liked them a whole lot. Made me happy. Huh. Didn't know that about Alice. Pretty fitting and kind of unexpected, I suppose. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks. With remembering songs vividly, yes, I do feel that way. Mostly happens with emo bands and some hardcore stuff. Though lately, due to a friend, I've been really stuck to Temptation by New Order. I've listened to Movement and Power, Corruption & Lies before when I found out that they were the guys from Joy Division (around 2011? can't remember), but didn't listen to Temptation before. It's been stuck to me for a couple of months now. It's just so happy yet sad sounding. Shi-Shonen's fun here and there, but not really doing it for me. Listened to a couple of other songs after that track. Ooh. Did you enjoy it at least? Jealous that you get to learn when I'm still stuck here. I don't, no, but one of my best friends watches it.

    17 apr 00:13 Svara
  • OhManItsReverie

    thought you would have listened to this already, but says you don't found it neat. Shi-Shonen any good? How's it been going?

    9 apr 13:27 Svara
  • brofessoroak

    How strange. Maybe it was just something like a checkup? As for my eye, yeah, I could barely see out of it. I couldn't open it more than halfway and moving it caused a fair amount of pain. It really looked ridiculous. She looks nice, you should talk to her! Oh and thanks, those are good pics of you.

    2 apr 09:43 Svara
  • brofessoroak

    Yeah, but I had to go to the doctor and use all sorts of eye drops for a few days. I really dislike seeing doctors. But you should get your jaw checked out! I remember you talking about it ages ago and I just assumed it got better since you haven't brought it up much since then. It sounds fairly serious. And you should talk to that qt because you have literally nothing to lose. Does she have a round face? Most of the Koreans I know have very circular faces

    1 apr 20:39 Svara
  • brofessoroak

    ~_~ I couldn't finish that video ~_~ Made me feel uneasy. Almost like a second hand embarassment? Good to hear you're doing better, but my eye is getting kind of swollen now! You must have given me somethig because it was fine until you messaged me on steam! coincidence? I think not

    20 mar 21:06 Svara
  • brofessoroak

    You wouldn't happen to have a link to that channel, would you? But yeah, it's ridiculous. I wouldn't even dream of vacationing in a country without some knowledge of the lanugage. I can't believe some people live and work in a place without it!! Crazy. How are you by the way? Are you feeling better?

    19 mar 14:26 Svara
  • YanVNP

    if it wasnt for drugs, people would still be dying of a simple flu stupid

    11 mar 20:45 Svara
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