Scared EBU


21 apr 2012, 23:08

Jon Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, commented on safety issues of Baku, the hosting city of this year's contest. According to Mr. Sand, "Baku is a very safe city" and "there are many cities in Europe much more unsafe than Baku".

He added that EBU is taking security issues very seriously and held a dialogue with the Azerbaijani security authorities about them. "I'm absolutely sure that it will be very safe, secure and a very good Eurovision Song Contest", he stated to, the official Azerbaijani website of the contest.

Baku is welcoming all 42 participating delegations, accredited press and fans of Europe's favorite TV show next month, from the 12th until the 27th.

The first and the second semifinals of this year's Eurovsion, along with the Grand Final, will take place on May 22nd, 24th and 26th respectively at the Baku Crystal Hall.

I'm very upset with official EBU's position about Baku...the only thing they want to do is to have enough audience at the stadium to offer a "normality image" to all Europe when all of us know that Azerbaijan's main interest is to sell a picture of modern and opened country when none of this adjectives can be used with that country which is offering us lots of evidences of its "diplomatic methods" to reach its objectives.
There are only 34 days left to the contest and nobody can be sure about anything (even the stage has not been built yet) and the safety is the last matter that EBU can guarantee despite its permanent messages of "Baku is the most wonderful city in the globe!", Mr. Jon Ola Sand the audience is not stupid and can read and analyse all the news, articles and reports about Azerbaijan's violations of the human rights and liberties...unfortunately you don't seem to know (or want to know) it. Good luck in Baku, I hope that no more people will be hurt there during the contest.


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