Eurovision 2010 Review: Part 13


16 maj 2010, 21:47

Gjoko Taneski - Jas ja imam silata
Those who know me know that Macedonia is very much my pet country, and this year is no exception. It wasn’t my favourite in the national final (that was Vlatko Lozanoski’s Letam kon tebe), but I’ve grown to really like it very quickly. It’s quite typically Macedonian, and I even like the slight schizophrenia of it – even the rap fits really well and it certainly does a lot with its three minutes (verse-chorus-verse-chorus-rap-chorus-instrumental-chorus). I don’t particularly hold out a lot of hope for it next week (next week!!), but I still like it.
Personal score: 9/10, Prediction: not a qualifier – if last year’s song wasn’t, I don’t see why this year should be any different

Thea Garrett - My Dream
I find this pretty dull, to be honest, just a less interesting version of Jade Ewen’s song from last year. That said, I do think it has the potential to do well if she can sell it. You know what though? Somehow, until the other day, I’d never seen the live performance. I’d heard about the bird, but I’d never imagined it was going to be like that! Lordy, I hope they keep it!
Personal score: 3/10, Prediction: sailing through, low top 10


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