The first played/ fell in love with/ current fav top 18 journal entry of boredom


13 jul 2009, 15:37

3 month charts again, dont ask why 18.

18. Blackfield
First played: Once
Fell in love with: 1,000 People
Current favorite: Blackfield

17. Andrew Bird
First played: Imitosis
Fell in love with: Imitosis
Current favorite: Fiery Crash

16. Minus the Bear
First played: Knights
Fell in love with: Pachuca Sunrise
Current favorite: Pachuca Sunrise

15. Lights
First played: Ice
Fell in love with: Drive My Soul
Current favorite: Drive My Soul

14. Built to Spill
First played: Carry the Zero
Fell in love with: Sidewalk
Current favorite: Time Trap

13. The Flaming Lips
First played: Fight Test
Fell in love with: Do You Realise
Current favorite: In The Morning Of Magicians

12. Muse
First played: Supermassive Black Hole
Fell in love with: Map of the Problematique
Current favorite: Unintended (this one was hard)

11. God Is An Astronaut
First played: All Is Violent, All Is Bright
Fell in love with: Forever Lost
Current favorite: Forever Lost

10. The Postal Service
First played: We Will Become Silhouettes
Fell in love with: Such Great Heights
Current favorite: Recycled Air

9. Arcade Fire
First played: Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)
Fell in love with: Crown of Love
Current favorite: Une année sans lumière

8. Modest Mouse
First played: Float On
Fell in love with: The World at Large
Current favorite: The View

7. Death Cab for Cutie
First played: The Sound of Settling
Fell in love with: Expo '86
Current favorite: Tiny Vessels

6. Crystal Castles
First played: Untrust Us
Fell in love with: Untrust Us
Current favorite: Black Panther

5. Augustana
First played: Mayfield
Fell in love with: Boston
Current favorite: Feel Fine

4. Stars
First played: Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
Fell in love with: Set Yourself On Fire
Current favorite: Calendar Girl

3. Metric
First played: Help I'm Alive
Fell in love with: Help I'm Alive
Current favorite: Front Row

2. Broken Social Scene
First played: Kc Accidental
Fell in love with: Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl
Current favorite: Hotel

1. Cloud Cult
First played: When Water Comes to Life
Fell in love with: When Water Comes to Life
Current favorite: May Your Hearts Stay Strong


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