• Wednesday 2nd March 2011 at Borderline in Soho, London - Vessels with Codes in the…

    3 mar 2011, 22:57

    I now have a legitimate reason to possess an iphone; to retrieve an e-mail so I can show proof of purchase when I’ve lost my ticket, which I was able to do with many thanks to my friend Krys. The darnest thing is that I kept reminding myself to put the damn thing in my bag, with so many occasions of having it in my hand and moving it about. I even returned to my house because I left without it, so I must of lost it somewhere in the streets. Hopefully, someone found it and enjoyed the gig as much as I did.

    So let me start with the second support act, Codes in the Clouds. Decent enough performance, with enough energy and rawness for post-rock, but their sound seemed too reminiscent of 65daysofstatic. They didn’t push themselves to go beyond the limitations of the genre, and added nothing new to mark it as their own. AND, it didn't help matters much that I kept getting distracted from the music because I thought the bassist purdy.

    The headliner Vessels were very impressive. Creating such sensitive and hushed melodies that were broken by such enforced and atmospheric breaks. Sometimes you could just melt into the sound, and at other times you just wanted to spasm out. The drummer really stood out, banging away with such furious precision that most of the time you could actually see a visual echo to the movement of his sticks. The near-silences were sometimes marred by the talking of the audience, in particular the leggy blonde that was sitting next to us. Krys actually got into a “shush and glare” contest with the woman, who just seemed to ruin the the softer intricate moments by chatting constantly with her friends.

    However, in hindsight, the highlight of the evening was actually discovering the beauty in opening act, Stuart Warwick. With a quietly nervous energy that was masked by his jokey self deprication, Warwick had a slight case of Cat Power Syndrome and had to start over the second song a few times, trying to find the right tempo so that he could sample/loop/layer the composition of the song, all very simplistic but with an air of transcendence that was lifted even higher with his soaring vocals. Think in the range of somewhere between Keane’s lead singer Tom Chaplin and Radiohead’s lead singer Thom Yorke. This is also reflects in Warwick’s contributed vocals to the Vessels track Meatman, Piano Tuner, Prostitute.

    Great gig with an unexpected find. Spent £26 on four cds. Haven’t bought music at an event for a long while, and well worth the expense. Last night for me marks this year’s start for the consumption of new sound.

    Wed 2 Mar – Vessels, Codes In The Clouds, Stuart Warwick