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  • marcelocic

    hmmm that's funny, now it shows Medium too!! they're always changing anyway! And no, I don't believe that, it's a streaming program like everything else!

    9 timmar sedan Svara
  • marcelocic

    Yep, I'm waiting for your playlist! :D Did you like the photoshoot? That's nice!! Well, there is Pink Floyd albums there now, but when I started listen there wasn't! But the terrible thing with Spotify is music's tags, like [LIVE] or "remaster", etc, I hate that! Now... search for Loreena Mckennit and The Beatles! There isn't and so that happens with a lot of artist I seek for, I can't find it! And no, my version of Spotify is the right one xD HAHAHAHAH okay ''autumnchanges32", I'm looking for a way to follow you, when I find I'll do that <3

    9 timmar sedan Svara
  • marcelocic

    Me too, I think their voices fit very well together! I think Bey was always a very ""sexual"" artist, always showing off her legs, always singing bout how crazy she was in love, or baby boy, or naughty girl, single ladies etc etc, with BEYONCÉ she's just more explicit! Just that! And I agree with you, Bey's videos were always the same, but with this video album she really did some outstanding stuff, wich I think it's very good, video clipes are a GREAT WAY to eternalize the artist's image in popular culture, right? I wish everyone could make this effort! I didn't lost faith in MUSIC or the artistry itself! But when it comes to the popular music industry, money is all their hunting for! How many times an artist says that she couldn't do something cause it was not allowed? Or cause that wasn't very commercial? Artistry/music is a different thing from music industry!

    10 timmar sedan Svara
  • Metalmania91

    Oh ok good you do have some Heath issues right now ? Ok then it's totally good. Well I've been excellent since the last time I've spoken to you. Today I'm just chilling and having icecream chocolate kind and pepsi soda and watching a movie called cable guy.

    Igår 23:56 Svara
  • Metalmania91

    Yeah true I'm getting better at it. Now I'm improving how are you these days ?

    18 aug 15:21 Svara
  • marcelocic

    Did you notice our compatibility is "HIGH" now? :) Lana Del Rey, Tori Amos, Kasabian, The Weeknd e Cat Power as common artists haha

    18 aug 05:04 Svara
  • rehevans

    Hey! Do u like Shakira? I love her <3 I mean, not the songs hahaha but I love the person, u know? She is so smart, and beautiful... I admire her a looooooooooooooot. I'm sorry being out for so long... My time is short :/

    18 aug 00:12 Svara
  • marcelocic

    You just sent me acoustic lives! So I'm not sure! Nothing that aroused my interest, so I'm waitin for your playlist to give a fairer opinion!! :D Here's the photoshoot, as you can see, Katy and Madonna looks like sisters here, lol! And they look like dolls too! I think that's the purpose of it, you know? Pin ups aren't supposed to be natural, they have to be superficial and just hot! What do you think of them? There's no Beatles, or Pink Floyd or Loreena Mckennitt on Spotify!! AND YES, I started using since it came to Brasil at the beginning of Feb, I think! My username there is "marceloafonsosj", and you can follow me there too! What's your username? :D

    17 aug 05:05 Svara
  • marcelocic

    popular artist and second: all the other reasons I said before. Now, a big part of popular artists (and that is since always) are MADE to please the mass, period! So they're not taking risks (talking bout politics, religion, expressing their mind bout the state of the world or whatever, cause their buyers are not only fans but random music listeners, they can't put all fall through), they just need to make money, that's why they never release something innovative, mostly they'll follow the sound and easy lyrics of that time, get it? :( Of course there's the ones who marks for something innovative but they're not the majority! And popular industry have that pretty thing, too, right? If you're not pretty we don't need you etc... that's different when you look to other direction! I know you made me some questions, and I didn't answer cause I rewrite what I said, I hope you can get it now :)

    17 aug 04:58 Svara
  • marcelocic

    Oh, here's Madonna's and Miley's performance: I saw "Jolene" performance and you're right, she actually sung better than when she did her "Adore You" music! But, don't you think she just like of what she does and one time or another she changes a bit just for fun? Yep, Bey's really been more ~slutty~ (not a bad thing, ok?) lately, but I still think music itself is a total different thing between them 2! When you first talked about this I thought you were scorning on Rihanna, some people thinks she's inferior in music industry so I thought you were saying that is a bad thing to look like Riri! xD All that I wanted to say is when you're got a lesser number of fans it's easier to make more alternative(deep/profound) album cause fans have a similarity between them, mostly they agree with the way of thinking of that artist (the icon represents it's fans) and you got not pressure to conquer more fans or lose them cause (respectively) you're not a

    17 aug 04:42 Svara
  • Metalmania91

    Hey you look familiar have we met before ? If so then hey I've been very busy lately XD And if we met before then sorry what I said to you in the past I have anger issues diagnosed by a doctor and now I'm taking pills for it to keep me calm. :)

    16 aug 02:21 Svara
  • marcelocic

    *of course a lot of popular musicians got talent... I'm not generalising!

    9 aug 19:51 Svara
  • marcelocic

    special, but "this is how your heart treats all strangers", get it? I got a sad self knowing of what this means lol, I didn't watch the video yet, but I will, thanks for telling me <3 And speaking of "sado maso things", you saw the photoshoot with Madonna and Katy for V Magazine? :)

    8 aug 17:55 Svara
  • Mufrad

    Lol nooo ! I wasn't traveling . I was here and there . And my holidays are over . My exams are coming in October yo ! Gotta start studying . Sup with you ? What's keeping you busy these days ? :D . Or what are you occupied with these days ? :D

    7 aug 00:47 Svara
  • marcelocic

    I was just looking your profile and noticed that xDDD I knew you would like cause they're kinda rocky with heavy electronic influences!!! That's why I send them... "wake up mister microphone", that's so chilling, right? If Britney existed at that time, I'd be sure it was a shade on her xD Oh, too bad you're not into PJ so much, I don't know her very well yet but she got really strong songs. hahah great to hear bout Fionna Apple, she's being my new music addiction!! And what about Loreena and Joni? About your playlist: I pick some favourites, but I don't remember now... I'll hear again and then tell you precisely, but I DO CAN TELL YOU that "Strangers" by White Lies!! Great song!

    6 aug 20:24 Svara
  • marcelocic

    ... some popular records have very strong lyrics, look at Madonna's "Erotica" and "Ray of Light" just for example! I'm not saying that people should make pop masterpieces all the time, but some of them are just really cheap and dated! Like sex, body exhibition and drugs, oooooooh c'mon, you have sex daily, you're hot and smokes pot? Hhmm, good for you, but you're not the cool guy anymore, now, you wanna talk about that on a very well produced song? Ok, that's acceptable, and if the lyrics are smart that can be even sexy! Not the case of ArtPop or good part of MDNA, or "Your Body" of Xtina, get it? So, recommend me some Rita's song xD Made a playlist of music you like and give it to me xDD I don't know much bout Jessie J, but I like "Domino" and "Casualty of Love" a lot! :) aha

    6 aug 20:02 Svara
  • marcelocic

    HAHAHAH you seems to get angry sometimes, and "I don't know where I stand" hahaha records aren't important for me too, okay? I just told you as trivial information, just to say, just to talk! Yep, everything depends, some things leaves scars for a long time, but as life goes you get up forgetting them, and the strong feelings there's used to have there changes for just memories, and even knowing that we continue giving the shit they don't deserve xD I don't hate Avicci, I just think he was played exhaustively between 2012/2013 and now Madonna's comming with songs produced by him? Not a good thing, Madonna's known for her visionary music act, I want this, you know? Fresh pop music! And about Miley, the same thing, plus: I'm tired of featuring songs, HC, MDNA, they all got a lot of featuring and all in the first single, I don't think they will help Madonna with nothing (popularly talking), so, I prefer a solo single! Nothing wrong with electropop, just cheap electropop...

    6 aug 19:54 Svara
  • marcelocic

    Hey, don't worry <3, I know, there's still great pop music nowadays, but they're not ~popular~ anymore. I don't ignore them, cmon, Adele, Alicia, Xtina, Lana, Beyoncé, Nelly, Gwen, Brooke, P!nk (I consider them all good pop artists)... my lastfm is mainly formed by pop artists (in genre and of popular meaning). I get it, and I agree with you, writing isn't a big deal if you can't manage your image and career, period! And, I'm not saying that I own the truth, I just said what I read almost always when I read something bout Bey! :** Why that's lame? I thought you liked Rihanna!! And about pop music, was and will always be about money, that's why there's so many new artists year by year, general people gets tired of "the same old voices" and wants new ones, right? I think we can find art in projects where public acclaim isn't the porpuse of it.

    6 aug 19:42 Svara
  • Mufrad

    I've been good . Sorry , wasnt here to keep in touch . You could have wrote me :( . How've you been ? I really missed you :(

    2 aug 18:58 Svara
  • rehevans

    Well... I'm not the traveler kind... But just because I dont have money to travel hahahahahaha I would like to visit Poland, for example :P Poland's history is awesome... Well... I think it is :P hahahahahha Would u like to come to Brazil, some day?

    1 aug 01:39 Svara
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