• Gamepulse Awards 2006:- nominations

    19 nov 2006, 14:57

    Its that time of year again, when we all take a vote on whats impressed us the most this year.

    Some rules.

    * 1. One vote Each
    * 2. Only games released between 1st November 2005 and 1st november 2006 can be included, this does include games from the US and Japan also, as Gamepulse is improt friendly.
    * 3.Votes for nominations begin today (19th November 2006) and end on Saturday (25th November 2006), from there nominations will be counted and the top four from each catergory will go into the final vote, which will be announced on Monday 27th Novmeber.
    * 4.Only nominations sent in via email will count, no PM's or anything else will be counted. Same goes for the final vote

    If any of these rules are broken, your nominations will not be counted.

    Click "Read More" for more details

    Now for the catergories.

    Game of the Year - Self explanatory
    Biggest Adrenaline Rush - for games that got your blood pumping in enjoyment
    Most addictive - for games that really do have that "Just one mroe go" factor
    Most puzzling - covering games thatr really get your grey matter working
    most time consuming - slightly different to most addictive as its for those games that require alot of time invested into them to get the most out of
    Best Voice Acting - Self expanatory
    Most attractive - i.e. best graphics
    Best soundtrack - self explanatory
    Most Influential - what game do you think will be cloned quie a bit next year
    Biggest let-down What game, or event, was your biggest dissapointment
    Most Anticipated game for 2007

    Lastly, the email address to send your nominations to is as follows:

    Please title all nomination emails "Gamepulse Nominations".

    Thank you.
  • Crazy Taxi!

    10 okt 2006, 09:47

    I recently found my copy of Splinter by The Offspring, the only album of theirs I own, shock horror!

    I love these guys, but theres one problem, when I listen to them I ALWAYS want to play Crazy Taxi on Dreamcast, but I have a problem there, my English Dreamcast needs reparing and I need a new fuse for my power converter for my Japanese one.

    Theres always Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller on XBox, but that is, quite frankly utter shite.

    It's not just The Offspring that make me want to play a particular game, whenever I hear Reel Big Fish's version of Take On Me (the one on Baseket Ball) I want to play Samba De Amigo (which I don't own), and if I hear any of the tracks that are on Guitar Hero I want to play that, and Just A Day by Feeder makes me want to play Gran Turismo 3!

    Damn my brain having certain songs in the same region as a game that features it! Damn my brain for being obsessed with games! ARRRRGH!
  • Britpop MK2

    27 sep 2006, 10:29

    This was always gonna happen, the UK music industry has gone back to the mid 90's when Oasis and Blur were the top bands in the past couple of years. Its hugely different from when I was REALLY into my music back in 2002.

    Sure, the stuffs still out their, but its struggling, bands like A, Hundred Reasons, Idlewild and Hell is for Heroes aren't getting the support they need and are instead having to rely purely on internet sales, while boring sleep inducing shite like The Zutons (sorry to any fans out there) and bands similar, like Hard-Fi, Franz Ferdinand and what have you take ALL the radio play time.

    I'll admit, I like a few Blur and Oasis songs, but this "new" stuff is trying too hard to replicate their success and it just sounds cloned, and actually WATERED DOWN.

    I remember going to Distortion in 2002 and seeing 3 of the above bands live and thinking it was fucking fantastic, even my sister loved it and shes a big fan of Blur/Oasis/The Verve and said there was more atmosphere there than there had been at any show she'd been to with the bands she likes playing.

    I'm all for different styles of music, and different tastes and what have you, but I HATE how the current trend is forced down our necks. Even Muse have "mellowed" and become mroe radio friendly, no longer do we get Plug In Baby style guitar solo's.

    ARGH, please let there be another FUN revolution, nothing beats pogoing to Silver and Starbucks in the pooring rain (Thank you The Levellers) before being treated to a show by Green Day.
  • Um...Bon Jovi?

    3 aug 2006, 08:53

    bah, damn sharing Windows Media with my fiance (love ya really!) I look like such a Bon Jovi/Bryan Adams/MEat Loaf fan, shes got a thing for eighties "hair metal" and early ninties soft rock. So this has become less of my account and more our account. Not that I mind the odd bit of the above bands, I just couldn't listen to them as much as she can! In fact I think I could only listen to Nirvana, Foo Fighters and pre-"Comfort in Sound" Feeder that much.

    After hearing much about them from DarthJim on Now Loading, I downloaded a few of Dragonforce's songs, and fucking hell, its a fast, pleasent cool assault on the ears, at an average of 7 minutes long and with them playing like Iron Maiden on Fast forward, I've not heard anything like it before, it really is the fucking coolest thing I've heard in a long time. Aside from Wolfmother that is, but Limewire seems reluctant to let me download anythng of theirs!