7/8/06 10 Songs for the Week


7 aug 2006, 05:09

Because we know that I am obsessed with playlists. Sometimes I'm even transiently obsessed with songs (not that my charts seem to reflect that...) But my new initiative for today is to have a rotating chart of '10 songs that I am obsessed with this week'. I can't imagine I'd be able to do it every week, but it could be interesting, occasionally.

So! This week's, in no particular order (yay shuffle!)!

Come Get Some
Tellin' Stories
Policemen And Pirates
Some Velvet Morning
Even After All
I Am the Resurrection
I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet)
Do You Want To
Pale Blue Eyes
How Long Blues

I blame Katey for the OCS (and Rooster, because I wouldn't be this obsessed if it wasn't for Liam), and hte Charlatans. And Rhys for the White Stripes song, because of the angry-pianoness.


  • beaubier

    Yeah I think I'll go and download that Rooster ASAP (or at least just that song, since I already bought my album for the week). If I ever get that Franz Ferdinand song out of my head now. That one sticks... bad. I need to make a post on the Vamp Journal showing your finds. I saved the picture of Santiago...

    7 aug 2006, 13:31
  • Risty

    Mmmm, Santiago... But yeah... the Franz Ferdinand song sticks... and sticks.. but in a dumb fun happy way. Like they're going 'we're lame, ugly, and British, but we're fucking arrogant all the same.' Which is just cool.

    7 aug 2006, 19:59
  • beaubier

    As you know, it's my kryptonite...

    7 aug 2006, 21:50
  • beaubier

    Rooster Acquired! Quite a a feat too, since iTunes doesn't carry it... lost a sale, didn't they?!

    8 aug 2006, 03:05
  • Cad27

    Oddly enough, that WS one never really grew on me. Get Behind Me Satan was a big fat meh from me. It was good live though, at Big Day Out

    13 aug 2006, 07:54
  • Risty

    Get Behind Me Satan is great! But it's fairly obvious I'm a big fan of the bluesy feel style of thing. So yes.

    13 aug 2006, 10:49
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