• Yum!Yum!ORANGE

    3 maj 2009, 21:43

    So, thanks to LastFM I found this band. It´s almost unbelievable how good they are. Not a single bad album so far, which really is something. Thinking that I can´t even understand most of the lyrics, I love listening to them. The whole band is excellent. Nice riffs, sometimes different from the basic ska-riff, which is just a nice change. Horns also need a mention, might be the catchiest horns in ska I´ve heard. Then, what really puts it all together. Kumi, their adorable vocalist. It´s awesome to see a female in music who doesn´t need to shake ass and touch herself in a "sexy" way. She just moves in a cute, funky way. =D Add her upbeat and pure voice and her pretty look... I´m in love. Their music is something that really manages to touch me and make me happy in a way that no other band has made.

  • A great show

    5 feb 2008, 17:13

    Mon 4 Feb – Tuska Winter War 2008

    A week before this event, me and my friends decided to go, and we even got the tickes, weren´t sold as much as we thought. Well...


    Not that much to say, their songs could have been more varying, not bad though considering that I´m not a fan of their genre at all.


    Expected quite a bit after hearing some of their songs just before the concert. And didn´t get disappointed! They played a good set, including my favorites from them, "Radio Girl" and "I only wanna be with you" (cover). They did a great job.


    Well, do I need to say that they kicked ass! :D Nice choises from new album, "Set me free" didn´t really catch me though. Otherwise, great songs like "Hangar 18." But damn, the final... Holy Wars...The Punishment Due" sure got the crowd (including me) moving! Well, after they lifted up the Megadeth-flag crown went crazy already... ^_^


    9- / 10 Ensiferum could have been replaced with something better in my opinion. And the sound kinda got messed at some points, for example during Mustaine´s solos.