Album of the Week 2009 v. 20 - Master of Reality


20 jul 2009, 14:45

Black Sabbath the greatest and first metal band ever... yea that's right I said it so what. They inspired millions to imitate them and very few have reached their level of success. These godfathers of what would be later called was first started in Black Sabbath and later altered in Paranoid but hit the high (yes pun intended) with the bad ass Master of Reality. With every song chock full of Iommi and Butler goodness this is one of the most own albums in metal history. This is one of the best ever.

track listing:
01. Sweet Leaf 05:05
02. After Forever 05:26
03. Embryo 00:28
04. Children of the Grave 05:18
05. Orchid 01:31
06. Lord of this World 05:26
07. Solitude 05:03
08. Into the Void 06:11
Inlägg under avvaktan
True Doom Metal


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