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  Korpiklaani Taggad mars 2014
HIMWhen Love And Death Embrace (Live At Finnvox Studios / 2013) Taggad juni 2013
HIMBury Me Deep Inside Your Heart Taggad januari 2012
HIMThe Beginning Of The End Taggad december 2011
HIM(Don't Fear) The Reaper Taggad december 2011
HIMI Love You (Prelude To Tragedy) Taggad december 2011
HIMLove You Like I Do Taggad december 2011
HIMYou Are the One Älskad låt Taggad december 2011
HIMUnder The Rose Taggad december 2011
Ville ValoHeartache Every Moment (Acoustic) Taggad december 2011
LordiHard Rock Hallelujah Taggad december 2011
HIMBleed Well Taggad september 2011
HIMFuneral of the Hearts Taggad september 2011
HIMJoin Me In Death Taggad september 2011
HIMEndless Dark Taggad september 2011
HIMThe Cage Taggad september 2011
HIMRight Here in My Arms Taggad september 2011
HIMHeartkiller Taggad september 2011
HIMDying Song Taggad september 2011
HIMPretending Taggad september 2011
HIMBuried Alive by Love Taggad september 2011
HIMThe Sacrament Taggad augusti 2011
Children of BodomAre You Dead Yet? Taggad augusti 2011
HIMLike St. Valentine Älskad låt Taggad augusti 2011
HIMHeartache Every Moment Taggad augusti 2011
HIMAnd Love Said No Taggad augusti 2011
HIMGone With The Sin Taggad augusti 2011
HIMKilling Loneliness Taggad augusti 2011
  Ville Valo Taggad augusti 2011

(1991 – nuvarande)

Taggad augusti 2011
  Children of Bodom Taggad augusti 2011