current October music...


7 okt 2006, 00:14

I've got a playlist in winamp that I am pretty much exclusively playing throughout October. October is pretty much my favorite month because of Halloween. So I went through all the music I had and picked out songs which deal with death, Satan, spooky know, anything having to do with the macabre or even anything paranormal. I know there's probably alot of swedish death metal or whatever that's really scary to listen to, but I'm not really into that I just went with what I already had.


  • ryanheff

    gotta have the misfits round halloween time...

    7 okt 2006, 00:36
  • RaymondEBot


    16 okt 2006, 06:21
  • Ohthehumanity

    you should list

    20 apr 2007, 08:22
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