Lia to release 2nd album "dearly"


27 okt 2006, 21:01

Two years and a half after her first album "prismatic", which could mostly be classified as techno music, and her mini-album "gift" last december, Lia releases a second album called "dearly".

In this album, the crystal-voice artist comes back with a clearly more voice and melody oriented side of hers.
Her duo cover of Last regrets with 彩菜 -ayana- resurrects the old Key+Lia combi, with the fourth track, karma, a piano tune composed by 麻枝准 -Maeda Jun- that highlights a voice capable of modulating to highly pitched levels. The latter track images a young girl (seen on one of the link banners), but i do not know the details.

It also features the opening of the SciFi MMORPG "RF Online", THE FORCE OF LOVE, which I find sublime and touching, although I don't understand the lyrics. However, I think my favorite shall be 射光の丘 -shakou no oka-, which plays at the start of the PV.

Some famous artists participated in the conception of this album, such as HΛL.

On sale starting 2006-11-01.
CD info:

■商品名  : dearly 
■品 番   : QLCD-0004
■標準価格 : 3,150円(税抜 3,000円)

The jacket is nice, isn't it?

Video PV on CLUBHOBi

Queens Label Oficial Site with sampling excerpts

Lia's Cafe

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  • ZmmCool

    Great preview ~ I'm downloading the album right now ~ ^^

    1 nov 2006, 21:37
  • Waaah

    Thanks for the heads-up! Didn't knew she released an new album. I'll check it out! ^^

    5 nov 2006, 13:39
  • DragonValley

    Yeah it must be a great album

    8 jun 2007, 14:28
  • DragonValley

    Yeah it must be a great album

    8 jun 2007, 14:30
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