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NicoJulius Caesar (Memento Hodie) 7 timmar sedan
NicoFrozen Warnings (Alternate Version) Älskad låt 8 timmar sedan
NicoOn The Desert Shore (All That Is My Own) (Demo) 8 timmar sedan
NicoThe Falconer (Demo) 8 timmar sedan
NicoYou Are Beautiful (Afraid) (Demo) 8 timmar sedan
NicoAbschied Ode (Death/farewell) (Demo) 8 timmar sedan
NicoJanitor of Lunacy (Demo) 8 timmar sedan
NicoMy Only Child (Demo) 8 timmar sedan
NicoAll That Is My Own Älskad låt 8 timmar sedan
NicoMutterlein 9 timmar sedan
NicoAfraid Älskad låt 9 timmar sedan
NicoLawns Of Dawns (Alternate Version) 9 timmar sedan
NicoNibelungen Älskad låt 9 timmar sedan
NicoNibelungen Älskad låt 9 timmar sedan
NicoAri's Song (Alternate Version) igår kväll
NicoAri's Song Älskad låt igår kväll
NicoAri's Song (Alternate Version) igår kväll
NicoAri's Song Älskad låt igår kväll
NicoJulius Caesar (Memento Hodie) igår kväll
NicoFacing the Wind igår kväll
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  • Irishized

    The new photo showcases an upgraded hair colour. The older-fashioned, hardwood flooring Northern red oak has been replaced in favour of a more future-forward deep walnut flavour. Sleek streams of deep brown are juxtaposed with shades of beige to demonstrate the inherent shared interest of peace which is brought by peaceful coexistence. A deep stare is representative of the underarching millennia of philosophy and wisdom crafted through time to found this new cultural Zeitgeist. Two arms are structured so that each display perfect symmetry with one-another, symmetry being the basis of consideration of beauty. This symmetry is offset with a tilt of the head to one side, indicating that the subject is not constrained by cultural boundaries, that a free spirit, one whom will think independently and look off the beaten track, will be the underlying factor in creating a new harmonious society. These separate points are interlinked to culminate in a powerful societal critique. 10/10 x

    29 maj 18:21 Svara
  • XTheWitchX

    Conchita is so last week now I'm afraid. She has been pushed out of the top spot by Lana Del Rey's new song. That was a very iconic top 3 though. I will cherish it forever. Oh, and thanks for commenting on my new pic. I see you've changed yours AGAIN. You really are trying all these different poses and angles. It's very wannabe model fag. P.S. Adoro is not how you spell her name or is that supposed to be a troll? OXO cube kisses with a hint of poison

    27 maj 19:05 Svara
  • jeffreeh

    Next year, yeah that's gonna be tricky... Wouter Hamel would be a great choice indeed. Or Sabrina Starke :-) My personal choices would also include Berget Lewis or Sharon Doorson :-)

    22 maj 22:30 Svara
  • jeffreeh

    I think it was of some help that they were already known, although they weren't huge stars. Anouk had a #2 hit in Sweden and a few minor hits in Denmark, but that was about it. But the fact they were used to being on stage and performing on a regular basis for many years, and other aspects of professionalism were the biggest help. However, it's not a given: Tijana Dapcevic from Macedonia also has a long history of succes and she failed - but it was less of a musicians song. I can understand, Birds was something different. It was more than i expected, she did many other wonderful ballads over the years - Sacrifice, Michel, Lost, Hail, I Don't Wanna Hurt, Break Down The Wall, One Word, What Have You Done are some of her beautiful ballads, however, the most beautiful imo and next to Birds one of the more unconventional ones is this one, it's so haunting and dark: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VAnos0IAD0

    22 maj 20:08 Svara
  • MadAzAHatter

    if i had to judge Smoke Fairies by their 2014 self-titled album i would never listen to them again either... ugh!

    20 maj 15:38 Svara
  • IAmMrDexB

    Thanks for accepting me! :)

    18 maj 12:42 Svara
  • RainyWoods

    You better knock, knock, // on wood(en antique hair), baby, baby // [2]

    16 maj 03:10 Svara
  • Irishized

    It's like thunder, lightning // The way you love me is frightening // You better knock, knock, // on wood(en antique hair), baby, baby //

    16 maj 01:52 Svara
  • XTheWitchX

    When did you get the wooden hair transplant? It looks gorgeous! oxo

    16 maj 01:51 Svara
  • MadAzAHatter

    then i'll have to check out Desertshore... her story is not an unusual one... due to the fighting between the Beatles themselves along with the British & American record & film studios convoluted ownership of the release rights of the film, individual songs, the completed album and the original acetates of what would eventually be released as Let It Be, along with eventually all the Beatles finally just growing tired of the whole project, Glyn Johns was given the producer reins from George Martin who had worked with the boys for years... and then they were handed over eventually to Phil Spector who undermined the entire project which was supposed to be a "back to their roots" feel of basic rock and roll... it ended up being given the Spector "Wall of Sound" which he was famous for... McCartney in particular was sick about how The Long and Winding Road ended up... hard to imagine it any other way now after all these years but Paul had wanted an intimate version of just him on the piano

    13 maj 18:15 Svara
  • OmmKalthoumFan

    Yes, It was amazing.. I'll never forget the moment she won :))) By the way, Suus is my all time favourite, too :) Now, I checked my charts and Suus in the second place in total!! First one is I look to you from Whitney Houston whom I adore ♥ I am sure you will like classical music and I can suggest you whenever you want. I am fond of classical music which is also one reason why I liked Suus and Rise like a phoenix (besides their beautiful voices). Since both songs have very strong classical background.. Now I am sending you one masterpiece from Dvorak: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=disqzLW1QJA Bye ;)

    12 maj 21:18 Svara
  • OmmKalthoumFan

    Hi Kai! Your musical taste is perfect and very similar to mine :) It is an honour to be friend with you.. You know what, Rona Nishliu was my favourite and I voted for her :) This year Conchita was my favourite and I was sure that she will win. So, I am very happy with the result.. Also, I really like Valentina Monetta's all eurovision performances. This year, besides Austria and Sweden, San Marino was one of my favourites.. Have a nice week ;) Arman

    12 maj 20:22 Svara
  • jeffreeh

    & 2008, although she had better songs and should have gone with a ballad. I loved the fact Hind was selected, because since she debuted in 2003 she was one of our best singers, although after Eurovision she basically went off my radar, with only one more album released which didn't do it for me. After that until Anouk we went downhill. Don't know who we should send next though, who matches the status of Anouk & Ilse and who i also like :P perhaps Caro Emerald? But i agree you can be proud of Molly for having gone to Eurovision, i will be looking out for her & Ruth's albums most of all. Conchita also brought great pride to me and i'm still very happy! And i'll either brush off or defend Conchita in the debates which will come, but the pride remains! :-)

    12 maj 11:44 Svara
  • jeffreeh

    The thing that was unique imo was the fact that both Anouk & The Common Linnets were not just nationally well-known and most important therefore experienced professionals with whom there was little risk of being overwhelmed during the performance, the fact is both projects, Anouk's Sad Singalong Songs & the entire Common Linnets project were real breaks from what they had done before. Anouk was mostly known for 'bitchy' rock tracks (despite the fact that for every uptempo hit she had, there was a succesful ballad) and Ilse for cute catchy radio tracks. Therefore there was a ton of backlash for both those entries here in The Netherlands. I personally loved both tracks instantly, although i never imagined Calm After the Storm to be this succesful. But i'm glad were out of that rut. IMO, i loved our entries from 2003 (simple, but catchy, the staging at Eurovision was super dated though), 2005 (cliché but i love big ballads from sultry women), 2007 (should have remained in Dutch though)

    12 maj 11:39 Svara
  • jeffreeh

    I understand your feelings towards the Russian girls, it's not like they can help it, plus during the Rainmaker performance, they were actually standing with Conchita and they all looked happy, which was a great sight. Although i thought the song in the studio version was very underwhelming to me, they did really deliver it live and i can't say i'm upset with their ranking. I'm hoping for a change in Russia but these girls can't be held responsible for it. I hope BBC will keep up the good work because truly, the way they selected Molly, a real artist with strong material under her belt (judging by the original songs i've heard from her) was great. I do reall love Children Of The Universe and it's hard to say if they shouldn't have a song really written for Eurovision, because Rise Like A Phoenix does feel like that, but in both cases, they were still wonderful entries. The Common Linnets & Anouk were selected with tracks from their album, just like Bonnie was, but they are more current

    12 maj 11:33 Svara
  • kalamushenki

    Yessss, hooray for Concita. Definitely it was the kind of event you'll remember the whole of your life. It's hurtful to read all the shit that has been said afterwards, but thank god there's been so much positivity and people who got so much out of the performance and song. Truly captivating.

    12 maj 08:55 Svara
  • jeffreeh

    Valentina didn't do great, but i'm glad she did manage to score a few points, the few times we saw San Marino on the screen we were cheering for her. I voted for 7 countries: Austria, San Marino, Sweden, UK, Slovenia, Montenegro and Spain. I agree with Malta, personally i never reall saw it before (The 'x factor' in the song), but last night it worked - the strong graphics, it was vocally strong - and so close to The Netherlands in the line up! Why didn't people vote more for it? I gott say it really came across this time to me. Norway also could have done better, it should have topped Russia, it was only 1 point behind it.

    11 maj 18:37 Svara
  • jeffreeh

    Yes it's incredible! Conchita really delivered an anthem, a classic winner like Si La Vie Est Cadeau, In Your Eyes and Molitva. A real powerballad, and yet with a stronger message than those. The top 3 last year was also classy, but this years it's way better. Sanna did great as well! It was a wonderful night. I loved Molly's performance but i guess it wasn't meant to be. Let's pray they do keep up the quality, but i think this year shows class is still alive and scoring, with Ukraine being the tackiest song in the top 10, and it's still quite a nice song :-) As for Russia, i'm not a fan of the country and the act, but vocally they are alot better live than in the studio, the song just does need a stronger performer still. It's quite a good song, but to me it just can't be sold from Russia, although i hate getting political. But last night was more political than previous years: with a Pro LGBT song, perhaps the first one which is victorious, winning!

    11 maj 18:33 Svara
  • jeffreeh

    What an amazing night! Conchita won and made a statement, The Netherlands has their first #2 position, Hungary made the top 5, San Marino didn't come last, Spain, Sweden & Norway made the top 10 with wonderful ballads. The worst song imo, finished last, Big countries like Greece & Azerbaijan failed to score (although Greece had a fine entry for their doing and Azerbaijan had their best entry ever imo, but they often got more than they deserved). Only Molly is what i'm sad about :-(

    11 maj 17:31 Svara
  • Wichssocke

    Sadly, Georgia not making it was predictable... My favs now are Iceland, the Netherlands, Italy and Norway (but my whole top 10 is great). However, I hope that Conchita will win even if it's not my favorite song. She's very charismatic, likeable and the song live was absolutely amazing :o Elaiza will go down hard I guess.. they're not build for that stage and the lineup this year is too strong. Oh, I thought it was intended to look that way ;) Have fun tonight :)

    10 maj 14:28 Svara
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Maybe.. there's a pearl in the shell?

Hello there, how do you do? Thank you for dropping by. My passion is dark, smokey jazz from yesteryear, cabaret, folk music and such. I have a thing for achingly beautiful piano pieces. The kind that stops you right in your tracks. I love singers with interesting voices. The more broken and lived in the better. I do very much enjoy experimental, quite avant garde offerings as well. Above all I like music that strikes an emotional chord with me. Music that is honest and raw.

I also make my own music. It's a very lofi affair. Eventually i'll feel like sharing it.

Things I like:

Strong accents, Lofi stuff, Folk, Jazz, Neoclassical music, rainy weather, the moon, Sensations crisps, Cats, Ducks, David Lynch, Gaming (Dark Souls, Deadly Premonition), fiddling around on my Keyboard/Synthesiser, playing Nico aloud in my garden, Drag Queens, sarcasm, Eurovision, cake, snooping around Lastfm libraries.

"Are you devil or angel? Are you question or answer?"

Thank you.

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