• Poser Exposed

    4 jun 2008, 20:14

    Sometimes, I go searching for unsigned bands and artists, just to see how others are doing. And I got to the page of one guy named Vidar Løvik.
    Listened to a couple of songs, and then I noticed 'Numb (Linkin Park cover)'. So I listened to it too.
    It is just the Numb Piano Instrumental. You can find it in a lot of places 'round the web. Here's an example:

    Ok, so this guy takes someone else's work and puts his name on it (if you never heard about this instrumental, and even you heard, just continue to read, let me tell you that the Linkin Park Piano Instrumentals are not done by LP! The guy's name is TheKen )
    Ok, the song is not 100% as the versions on the web. This guy probably edited the song a little (still the same song, and I said EDIT, not REMIX... just compare his version with the one I gave you) or re-recorded it from his PC.

    So, is this cool or not? As an unsigned artists, I say NAY! I wouldn't want some guy to cheat me off my work. Yeah, maybe my songs aren't great, but you know what? THEY ARE MINE (not entirely mine, but still MINE :D).

    Don't get me wrong, I don't know about the rest of his songs, but... it's just not nice, not fair, not nothing...

    Vidar, I really hope you will read this and do the right thing: delete the song and apologize.

    I downloaded the Nothing Else Matters cover too... Guess what? :|
    Just so you know, I played them in the same time (the Vidar version starts ~0.80 seconds later) and they are the same thing. And it's not only me, I asked some friends to do the same thing (without telling them what my result was) and they told me the two are the same song.
  • Criticism

    4 mar 2008, 18:08

    I received criticism for not accepting criticism on the Nu ordeR page... ok, let's take this the long way.
    Zian0 said a couple of months ago that we could do better if we practiced. I didn't deleted his comment.
    Another guy said that our songs aren't music. I deleted that comment...
    See the difference? Not to mention that we got a lot of more of those kind, both personal and for the band. I call those guys 'haters'. Just because we're not death metal or something like that, it doesn't mean that we are not artists (small artists, but still artists)...

    So, don't get me wrong when I'm saying that we accept criticism when it's done the right way (meaning to talk nicely, even to point out the mistakes, we welcome help of any kind)...

    Hope you'll get the message :D

    PS: for those who want to help us, tag us as alternative, alternative rock, alternative metal, industrial, industrial rock, industrial metal, rock and anything related, cause that's our direction :) Thank you
  • Best Band @ MTV EMA 2007

    2 nov 2007, 07:45

    'And the winner is.... Linkin Park!'
    Thanks to all who voted ;)
    And congratulations to the band :)
  • Top 3 artists

    27 sep 2007, 18:11

    ok, here are the rules. you pick your 3 favorite bands/artists, and then you put 3 songs of theirs:
    (a) first song you heard from that band
    (b) the song that made you fell in love with that band
    (c) current favorite from that band

    1. Linkin Park
    (a) Somewhere I Belong
    (b) Somewhere I Belong
    (c) Hands Held High

    2. Nine Inch Nails
    (a) Hyperpower!
    (b) Survivalism
    (c) Survivalism

    3. Grey Daze
    (a) B12
    (b) Drag
    (c) Anything, Anything

    Your turn :P
  • Projekt Revolution LIVE

    23 aug 2007, 14:28

    PR 07 ROCKED!!! I saw it live in Dallas, thanks to I only saw the last part of the show, with my favorite band, Linkin Park. It was sooooo awesome :D
    They played every song I wished to, except Hands Held High. I saw even a drum solo with Rob playing, not to mention Brad's guitar solo... Mike's piano, guitar and rapping enjoyed the public, and me. By the way, Chester was topless half of the show :D. Even Pheonix got a chance to show-off. Mr Hahn was playing with the cameras... He was like showing _|_ to the public. They had the most original show I had ever seen.
    On 'Shadow Of The Day' they closed all the lights and asked the public to use their lighters or their cellphones. It was beautiful. You could really see the connection between the band and the public.
    They played songs from all 3 studio albums:
    Hybrid Theory
    Minutes to Midnight

    Tracks (I think I have them correct, but not in the order):
    One Step Closer
    In the End
    Somewhere I Belong
    From the Inside
    Breaking the Habit
    Pushing Me Away
    Shadow of the Day
    No More Sorrow
    What I've Done
    Bleed It Out
    Lying from You
    Points of Authority
    Don't Stay
    Given Up
    Leave Out All the Rest
    The Little Things Give You Away