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Senast spelade låtar

NaysayerOverstand Igår 01:52
NaysayerPeace of Mind Igår 01:51
NaysayerSo Be It Igår 01:48
NaysayerSoul Searching Igår 01:46
NaysayerAffliction Igår 01:45
JuneSip It Slow Igår 01:24
Mac MillerThe Star Room Igår 00:43
Neon IndianPolish Girl Älskad låt Igår 15:50
Mac MillerThe Star Room Igår 15:32
DJ KhaledI'm On One (feat. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil' Wayne) Igår 14:38
G-EazyJust Believe Igår 14:31
G-EazyTumblr Girls (feat. Christoph Andersson) Igår 14:27
G-EazyRemember You (feat. Blackbear) Igår 14:24
G-EazyBeen On Igår 14:20
G-EazyShoot Me Down (feat. Anthony Stewart) Igår 14:17
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  • batsanty

    im doing good! im def going to be coming back to your library to get some ideas!

    25 minuter sedan Svara
  • meghan77

    4th of july is probably the best day of the year to get a little carried away. you know freedom n stuff.

    8 jul 22:56 Svara
  • meghan77

    sounds like you make the most of your days off :) yeah the humidity is what gets me. I drank mojitos last night and it helped a lot.

    8 jul 22:21 Svara
  • meghan77

    it was good! I had the day off so it involved drinking on a patio. it's been really hot here but I have no complaints :) how was yours?

    8 jul 19:36 Svara
  • meghan77

    omg you just made my night

    7 jul 00:04 Svara
  • meghan77

    hehe thanks<3 yeah my taste isn't really suited to white ass maine but I love it. I really dig your charts as well, I foresee myself getting many ideas from you :)

    6 jul 23:54 Svara
  • meghan77

    hey! :)

    6 jul 20:43 Svara
  • Zenny

    sup r -mac

    26 jun 01:02 Svara
  • trucizna0

    last.fm- source od frustration ;)well, I like all of these indvidualistic female singers like bjork,kate bush or joanna :D

    15 jun 12:22 Svara
  • trucizna0

    haha. well, why not? I really like her style. She's such an unicorn.

    11 jun 06:46 Svara
  • caseycalpin

    whats up whats up

    9 jun 04:14 Svara
  • PurplePostRock

    Omg, totally! I feel like if music wasn't clogged with so much half a**ed mainstream electro bullsh*t, we'd have a chance to save it and make it better maybe, but I guess lately over the pass 10 years we just got lazier, huh? We don't even try

    2 jun 15:58 Svara
  • PurplePostRock

    I agree, I kinda hear Santigold kinda too in Wild Belle

    2 jun 07:25 Svara
  • chinadressclub

    why???? you have a good library, i have to talk weee!

    28 maj 18:02 Svara
  • chinadressclub

    hey u

    27 maj 17:49 Svara
  • kelsska

    lol your lurker must have tracked me! yeah you seem cool and seem to have good music taste i enjoy your profile a lot

    22 maj 21:55 Svara
  • kaitlynelee

    Uh... opening up with Cowboy Dan and playing 3rd Planet, Dashboard, Dramamine, The World at Large, Float On, Ocean Breathes Salty, Doin' the Cockroach in ONE NIGHT?!? Crazy! I am a tad jealous that they closed with Styrofoam Boots/It's All Nice on Ice, Alright at your show, but not too upset about it. It was a great night, and definitely one to remember.

    22 maj 18:29 Svara
  • kaitlynelee

    I'm great! Yeah, I was creeping around on the Modest Mouse event pages and found you as a guest. How could I not resist a fellow Virginia resident, when our musical compatibility status is super? Haha

    18 maj 01:15 Svara
  • Jinzzy

    thanks for the add bro

    13 maj 15:47 Svara
  • revisitado

    now solange's your 100th problem.

    13 maj 02:52 Svara
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