06/28/09 Teen Idols show in Philadelphia.


30 jun 2009, 04:03

Sun 28 Jun – Teen Idols/The Leftovers in Philly

Well all I can say about this show is it was one of the best shows I ever went to in my life. The attendance for this show was very low which made for a even better night I will get into later. They all came from Insub Fest the day before and also I wanted to be in NEW York to see my pal Joe Queer play on the boat but was not in the cards, but this was a great back up plan.
.. The bands who played in order starting at like 8:30pm- The Percocettes-The Jetty Boys-The Cretins,The Leftovers-Teen Idols.The show ended at like 12:am.
As I said before, attendance for this show was very low. When each band played 90% of the crowd were from another band or with them. I think besides myself, maybe like 20-30 people made it out to the show, and that may be a little to high. I got to the Kyhber around 6pm. I sat there drinking by myself the whole time while I waited for the bands to play. I went to the show by myself, and as I drank there by myself,a few hours went by, everyone had a few in them,and well I then began to have a chance to break out of my shy shell and talk to a few people.
One of the best bands to play that night were The Jetty Boys. It was the 1st time I have heard them,and even because of the shitty sound system, just the energy of there performance was enough for me to become a fan. I had the chance to speak with The singer of The Jetty Boys(DREW) after there set, and he was great guy. As the night went on I got the chance to speak with all the bands. The talk I had with Kurt Baker the singer from The Leftovers was great,because he then introduced me to Phillip Hill from The Teen Idols who I wanted to speak with all night in regards to a mutual friend. He gave me some very good advice and insight, and much more info on something I care so much about, but that way off topic.
The set list for the Teen idols was the normal stuff they always play live. The majority of it was off the self titled album, a few songs from there last album, but I was to drunk to recall all of what they played,I do know that I danced my ass off. The Leftovers played some of there new stuff and a few old songs, that is after the set started with Kurt being all drunk and falling on stage into the drum kit, and then he went into a rant to cover himself and make up this new song that just went sail boat, sail boat, was one of the best parts of my night,besides the talk I had with Phillip Hill and Drew.
Well it a shame not many people made it out, but in all regards you all missed a classic punk band play, in classic punk fashion. Was one hell of a good time and I will always remember this show even if I have a few hundred under my belt.
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