Democrazy sucks


2 feb 2009, 09:26

Fri 30 Jan – DEMOCRAZY PRESENTS: FRANK VANDER LINDEN was quite bad, compared to previous performances of Frank Vander linden,and he is not to blame.

First off, we had to wait almost 20 minutes outside in the cold, the doors were only opened after the actual concert start time, so loads of people were there waiting outside. There was plenty of room inside without having to let people into the concert room, so this way of treating people is unacceptable.

The concert room itself is not nice at all, there is a very high ceiling, and the public is several meters away from the stage. This doesn't do the type of concert Frank brings any good.

And to fix this, they just cranked up the PA. For an intimate concert. Yeah, right.

First and last time I went to a Democrazy gig. *Ever*


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