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Machinae SupremacyCybergenesis Lyssnade precis
Machinae SupremacyCrouching Camper Hidden Sniper 20 minuter sedan
Machinae SupremacyAction Girl 24 minuter sedan
Machinae SupremacyAction Girl 28 minuter sedan
The UsedParalyzed Älskad låt 35 minuter sedan
The UsedHospital Älskad låt 38 minuter sedan
The UsedThe Bird And The Worm 1 timme sedan
The UsedPretty Handsome Awkward Älskad låt 2 timmar sedan
The UsedThe Ripper Älskad låt 2 timmar sedan
The UsedSmother Me 2 timmar sedan
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Om mig

Hello and welcome to my profile!

Feel free to leave me a SHOUT!
And add me if you feel like we have something in common!

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Thanks for your time, check out the links if you feel like lurking around!

Shota Kageyama, Minako Adachi, Hitomi Sato and Junichi Masuda really did an awesome job on the Pokémon X & Y music!

Title Theme
Lumiose City
Champion Diantha
Pokébike (remix)

1st track: (23 Jul 2012)
Evanescence - Hello
1111th track: (28 Jul 2012)
Meshuggah - Inside what's within behind
2222nd track: (03 Aug 2012)
Cloudkicker - The Focus
3333rd track: (09 Aug 2012)
Elfer - Maruchito
4444th track: (15 Aug 2012)
Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone
5555th track: (20 Aug 2012)
Exit 714 - Free Anthem
6666th track: (25 Aug 2012)
Sienna Skies - Worth It?
7777th track: (30 Aug 2012)
Sithu Aye - Skye
8888th track: (04 Sep 2012)
Sean Hall - Orrery
9999th track: (09 Sep 2012)
Approaching Nirvana - I'm Gone
11111th track: (14 Sep 2012)
Animals as Leaders - On Impulse
22222nd track: (07 Nov 2012)
Manowar - Kings of Metal
33333rd track: (17 Jan 2013)
Kitsune² - Deep Beep (feat. Jackal Queenston)
44444th track: (09 Apr 2013)
Unicorn Kid - The Unicorn Kids
55555th track: (17 Jun 2013)
Billy Talent - Cure For the Enemy
66666th track: (04 Sep 2013)
鈴木このみ n' キバオブアキバ - 私がモテないのはどう考えてもお前らが悪い!
77777th track: (13 Dec 2013)
Truxton - Automaton Astrosmash
88888th track: (26 Jan 2014)
Anamanaguchi - Pastel Flags
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Oh, reach into a pocketful of dreams.
Oh, now before they fall out of the seams.
Oh, take a chance, don't matter if you fail.
You're too scared to try 'cause you might break a nail, oh!

I believe that dreams are sacred, take my darkest fears and play them.
Like a lullaby, like a reason why, like a play of my obsessions.
Make me understand the lesson, so I'll find myself.
So I wont be lost again.

If you want to live, let live.
If you want to go, let go.

petruslol's top albums (overall) 1. Anamanaguchi - Endless Fantasy (Advance) (3924)
2. Action Adventure World + ThePlasmas - Vol. 2: MegaMan VI (2946)3. Dj CUTMAN - GameChops Vol. 1 (1803)
4. Celldweller - Wish Upon A Blackstar (1792)
5. Shag - Flyrule: A Terrible Fate (1414)
6. Casper - XOXO (1374)
7. Billy Talent - Dead Silence (1326)
8. The Adventures of Duane and BrandO - LP Of Devastation (1212)
9. RushJet1 - 8bitpeoples Collection (1139)
10. Goldfish - Get Busy Living (1093)


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