My sister says i sound like...


26 feb 2008, 04:53

Jamie Cullum

nowadays... i feel like No Sleep in Dreams

when i drive home and see the florida sunsets. i hear Claws

...then one time!Rules (First Cut) because my mom knocked the headphones off me!!!

Dc Go-Go

I just love go-go! I ran into chuck brown (father of go-go) this january at the orange bowl. He is mad pimp from d.c. gravely voice having, top hat chillin, gold jewelry having, woman on his arm at all times.

WARNING: GO-GO isnt some soft ass chicken shit bullshit. Its origin from africa, raised up in the city of d.C. its some real shit. You can just feel the beat in your bones.

Chek out some go-go videos over yonder:


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