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Sigur RósFestival Taggad september 2008
Arcade FireMy Body Is a Cage Taggad juli 2008
Demon HunterMy Heartstrings Come Undone Taggad april 2008
Demon HunterInfected Taggad april 2008
Saviour MachineThe Stand Taggad april 2008
U2All I Want Is You Taggad april 2008
Demon HunterDeteriorate Taggad februari 2008
Green CarnationChilds Play part III Taggad januari 2008
NightwishWhile Your Lips Are Still Red Taggad november 2007
As I Lay DyingI Never Wanted Taggad oktober 2007
Elijah's TombBe All That You Are Taggad oktober 2007
  The Glorious Unseen Taggad september 2007
ApocalypticaBittersweet Taggad maj 2007
After ForeverLonely Taggad maj 2007
GenLost Taggad mars 2007
GenShamed Taggad mars 2007
DivinefirePay It Forward Taggad mars 2007
NortherInstru Mental Taggad mars 2007
Crusheadlast chapter ending Taggad mars 2007
Deep PurpleChild in Time Taggad mars 2007
Nine Inch NailsHurt Taggad februari 2007
Johnny CashHurt Taggad februari 2007
The AwakeningForgiveness Taggad februari 2007
Saviour MachineSaviour Machine II Taggad februari 2007
The WhoBehind Blue Eyes Taggad februari 2007
Kate MinerHung the Moon Taggad januari 2007
Sonder GrämenAllein Taggad januari 2007
U2The First Time Taggad januari 2007
BlindsideSilence Taggad januari 2007
DiscipleBackstabber Taggad januari 2007
DiscipleStripped Away Taggad januari 2007
HeveinLast Drop Of Innocence Taggad december 2006
FlyleafSo I Thought Taggad december 2006
StapleDictatorship vs. Democracy (DVD) Taggad december 2006
BlindsideCaught a Glimpse Taggad december 2006
Saviour MachineCarnival of Souls Taggad december 2006
TheocracyMountain Taggad december 2006
U2Bad Taggad december 2006
WintersunSadness and Hate Taggad december 2006
Sonata ArcticaShamandalie Taggad december 2006
AntestorMitt Hjerte Taggad december 2006
DiscipleRegime Change Taggad december 2006
Seventh AvenueOpen Your Mind Taggad december 2006
Gamma RayRevelation Taggad december 2006
TotoBottom Of Your Soul Taggad december 2006
U2Beautiful Day Taggad december 2006
VaakevandringSome Day Taggad oktober 2006
AyreonDay Thirteen: Sign Taggad oktober 2006
AyreonDay Twelve: Trauma Taggad oktober 2006
AyreonDay Six: Childhood Taggad oktober 2006