Too weird to live, too rare to die.

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Om mig

Let me stay

where the wind will whisper to me,

where the raindrops as they're

falling tell a story...


I don't give a fuck
What you say
I don't want to hear no lies
From you today
You wonder why you stand
All alone
But maybe you just reap
What you've sown

And suddenly
You find you're in so deep
The more you try in vain
To free yourself again
The deeper you will fall, won't you

A thousand time I've lent
A helping hand
I'm not asking for a "thanks"
Don't misunderstand
But you're hiding from the truth
If you think that you don't need a friend, aren't you
A long descending road, I've been told
Lies out there in the cold
For those alone

And suddenly

All the things that you have done, one by one
Are just coming back to you, so they do

And suddenly...


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